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Animated Illusions
Audio Illusions
Auditory Illusion - Circularity in Pitch Judgement
Biopsychology Related Animations
Slide shows on receptive fields. volley principle, stretch reflex, control systems theory
Change Blindness Demo Movies
Outstanding collection of QT movies that demonstrate this phenomenon
Changing and Interactive Illusions
Curveball Illusion
Federico Fellini Hemineglect case
Fun Things in Vision
Grand Illusions Puzzles and Illusions
Free and for purchase items
Guess a Card Online illusion
Hemineglect example moviews
Illusion Illustrations
Numerous, colorful, kinetic
Interactive Illusions and Related products
Lateral Inhibition and Visual Illusions
Good demo of brightness contrast effects.
Link List - Change Detection
Link List - Pattern Recognition Resources on the Web
Various Experiments/Simulations from Coglab (requires registration coupled to book purchase)
Some useful free material
Visual Change Blindness Example and Theory
Visual Illusions and Phenomena Demos from the Exploratorium
Visual Illusions Gallery
Visual Illustrations and Demonstrations
Receptive fields, lateral inhibition, size constancy, Fourier analysis, Vision and Art, Benham's top and Fechner colors, signal detection theory, Gestalt Laws, motion and depth, aftereffects
Visualizations and Puzzles from Clifford Pickover