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Alan Turing Informational Page
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Brain and Behavior: Index of Topics at Serendip
Interesting primary resources, mostly student written
Brain and the Nature of Consciousness, an Eclectic Approach
Chalmers, David (homepage)
Comprehensive consciousness site
Chinese Room Argument (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Conscious Experience Online Textbook
Consciousness Archive from EFF
New-age type resources related to consciousness with emphasis on Internet related ideas
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind - An Annotated Bibliography by Chalmers
Primarily bibliographic citations to the printed literature (very complete)
Descartes Computer Cartoon
Emotional Intensity Quizzes
Evolution of Human Brain Size
Evolutionary Psychology Primer
Explaining Consciousness - The Hard Problem
Articles from Special Issue of J. Consciousness
Is the Brain Like a Computer?
ISM Book
A Field Guide to the nomenclature of philosophy. Very useful and complete.
Journal of Consciousness Studies
Contain full text of special interest articles
Journal of Mind and Behavior
Contains abstracts of articles with interdisciplinary approach
Kira Institute
Exploring reality with Virtual Worlds
Koch, Christof (homepage)
Neuroscience and consciousness researcher
Link List - Consciousness Links from CRSN Conference
Links resulting from a cognition conference
Link List - Online Papers on Consciousness
Extensive list of what is available
Link List - Philosophy Etext
Link List - Philosophy of Minds and Machines
Strong on AI and cognitive science
Link List - Philosophy on the Internet
Comprehensive list of links
Link List - Psychology, Culture, and Evolution
MetaSelf - Spatial Metaphor Model of Self
Mind & Life Institute
Mind and Body - Descartes to James
Interactive project to develop a database of human knowledge
Mirror Neurons Symposium and Resources
Monkey in the Mirror - Recognizing Ourselves
Web site that accompanies a program in the NATURE TV series
Multiple Self - Who is You
Naturalism Organization
Neurophilosophy Bibliography (list and links)
Paleoneurology Collection of Fossil Brain Casts
Parapsychology - Research at Princeton
Philosophical basis of Morality
Discusses Trolley-car problem
Philosophy Encyclopedia Online Project (Stanford)
Continuously being written and updated
Philosophy Internet Encyclopedia
Philosophy of Mind Field Guide
Extended essays related to mind brain and consciousness
Resources Master Index to David Chalmers' Web Site (links)
Very complete
Sensorimotor Theory of Perceptual Experience
Mind-Brain resources for a general audience with strong emphasis on vision
Sigmund Freud: Conflict & Culture (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Temporal Binding - Towards the Neuronal Substrate of Visual Consciousness
The “Hard Problem” - a different approach (essay)
Virtual Reality Bat Cave Simulator
Meant as telepresence artwork