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Direct links to over 440 full-text, online journals
in fields (mainly) related to LIFE SCIENCE, including:
Cognitive Science
Human-Computer Interaction
Learning Disabilities
Speech and Hearing

This list concentrates on peer-reviewed journals. Magazines, newsletters and e-bulletins are not included.

(O) - Journals marked (O) include the must current issue and back issues of the journal. Some of these (Medscape)
          require free, one-time registration at Medscape.
(H-) - Some journals offer all issues older than a certain number of months. These are from Highwire and indicated by           the notation (H-#), where # is the number of months delay in mounting the issues.
                 NOTE: Journals at Highwire available only for a limited-time, free trial are not included.
(Medscape) - Free registration required. Some journals only release selected articles.

Journals published world-wide in English are included, but foreign language journals are not included.
Some are linked at FreeMedicalJournals.com

NOTE: Many University libraries have a basic subscription to the Elsevier ScienceDirect service.
This allows a user accessing ScienceDirect from your campus IP domain to have free access to the
MOST RECENT 9 months of each Elsevier journal that your library purchases in a paper edition, but not to
older archives. (This is over 200 journals on my campus.) You can check with your librarian to see if this is
available on your campus. One direct way to find out that sometimes works is to go to the following URL from
an on-campus computer: http://www.sciencedirect.com/web-edition
If you see this image click on it and a list of journals you can access should appear.

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Prof. Mark Dubin

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Academic Medicine (H-12)
Academic Radiology (O)
Acoustical Science and Technology(Japan) (O)
Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica (Japan) (O)
Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (Poland) (O)
Acta Tropica (O)
Advances in Physiology Education (O)
Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (H-12)
Age and Ageing (H-24)
AIDS Reader (O) (Medscape)
Alcohol and Alcholism (H-24)
Alcohol Research and Health (O)
Allergy and Clinical Immunology International (O)
American Family Physician (O)
American Heart J. (O) (Medscape)
American J. Clinical Nutrition (H-12)
American J. Clinical Pathology (O) (Medscape)
American J. Health-System Pharmacy (O) (Medscape)
American J. Pathology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Cell Physiology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology (H-12)
American J. Physiology - Renal Physiology (H-12)
American J. Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (H-12)
American J. Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (H-12)
Annals Medical Sciences (Turkey) (O)
Annals Medicine (Finland) (O)
Annals Saudi Medicine (O)
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (H-6)
Antiviral Research (O)
Applied and Environmental Microbiology (H-6)
Applied Neuropsychology (O) (Medscape)
Applied Radiology (O) (Medscape)
Archives Disease in Childhood (H-12)
Archives Iranian Medicine (O)
Archives Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (O)
Arquivos Brasileiros Cardiologia (O)
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (H-12)
Arthritis Research (O - Research articles only)
Australasian J. Disaster and Trauma Studies (O)


Bandolier - Evidence Based Health Care (O)
Bell Labs Technical J. (O)
Biokhimiya - Biochemistry (Moscow) (O)
Biological Procedures Online (O)
Biological Research (Chile) (O)
Biology Blood and Marrow Transplantation (O)
Biology Reproduction (H-18)
Biophysical J. (H-6)
Bioscene - J. College Biology Teaching (O)
Blood (H-12)
Blood and Marrow Transplantation Reviews (O)
BMC Anesthesiology (O)
BMC Biochemistry (O)
BMC Bioinformatics (O)
BMC Biotechnology (O)
BMC Blood Disorders (O)
BMC Cancer (O)
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders (O)
BMC Cell Biology (O)
BMC Chemical Biology (O)
BMC Clinical Pathology (O)
BMC Clinical Pharmacology (O)
BMC Complementary and Alternative medicine (O)
BMC Dermatology (O)
BMC Developmental biology (O)
BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders (O)
BMC Ecology (O)
BMC Emergency Medicine (O)
BMC Endocrine Disorders (O)
BMC Evolutionary Biology (O)
BMC Family Practice (O)
BMC Gastroenterology (O)
BMC Genetics (O)
BMC Genomics (O)
BMC Geriatrics (O)
BMC Health Services Research (O)
BMC Immunology (O)
BMC Infectious Diseases (O)
BMC International Health and Human Rights (O)
BMC Medical Education (O)
BMC Medical Ethics (O)
BMC Medical Genetics (O)
BMC Medical Imaging (O)
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (O)
BMC Medical Research Methodology (O)
BMC Microbiology (O)
BMC Molecular Biology (O)
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (O)
BMC Nephrology (O)
BMC Neurology (O)
BMC Neuroscience (O)
BMC Nuclear Medicine (O)
BMC Nursing (O)
BMC Ophthalmology (O)
BMC Oral Health (O)
BMC Palliative Care (O)
BMC Pediatrics (O)
BMC Pharmacology (O)
BMC Physical Therapies (O)
BMC Physiology (O)
BMC Plant Biology (O)
BMC Plastic Surgery (O)
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (O)
BMC Psychiatry (O)
BMC Public Health (O)
BMC Pulmonary Medicine (O)
BMC Structural Biology (O)
BMC Surgery (O)
BMC Urology (O)
BMC Womenıs health (O)
Brain (H-24)
Brain Pathology Online (O)
Brain Sciences - Online Forum for Undergraduate Research (O)
Brazilian J. Medical and Biological Research (O)
Breast Cancer Research (O- Research articles only)
British Archeology (O)
British Columbia Medical J. (O)
British J. Ophthalmology (H-12)
British J. Psychiatry (H-12)
British Medical J. - BMJ (O)
Bulletin Chemical Society Japan (O)
Bulletin World Health Organization (O)
Bunseki Kagaku - Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (O)


Canadian J. Anesthesia (O)
Canadian J. Surgery (O)
Canadian J. Surgery (O)
Canadian Medical Association J. (O)
Cancer Control (O)
Cancer Control (O) (Medscape)
Cause/Effect (O)
Cell Sturcture and Function (Japan) (O)
Chem-Bio Informatics J. - CBI (Japan) (O)
Chemical Senses (H-24)
Chest (H-12)
Chest - Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care J. (O) (Medscape)
Chronic Diseases in Canada (O)
Circulation (H-12)
Circulation Research (H-12)
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology (H-6)
Clinical and Investigative Medicine (O)
Clinical and Investigative Medicine (Canada) (O)
Clinical Chemistry (H-12)
Clinical Drug Investigation (O) (Medscape)
Clinical Geriatrics (O)
Clinical Medicine and Health Research Netprints (O)
Clinical Microbiology Reviews (H-12)
Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology (Japan) (O)
Clinical Reviews (O) (Medscape)
Clinician Reviews (O) (Medscape)
Communicable Disease and Public Health (O)
Computer Software - Japan Society for Software Science and Technology J. (O)
Connexions-Current Research in Cognitive Science (O)
Conservation Ecology (O)
Critical Care (O - Research articles only)
Current Medical Research and Opinion (O) (Medscape)


Dermatology Online J. (O)
Development (H-Through end of previous year, after January) Developmental Biology (O)
Diabetes (O) (Medscape)
Diabetes Care (O) (Medscape)
Digital J. Ophthalmology (O) (Medscape)
Drug Information J. (O)
Drug Metabolism and Disposition (H-12)
Drugs and Therapy Perspectives (O) (Medscape)


Early Childhood Research and Practice (O)
Educational Technology and Society (O)
Educause Review (O)
Effective Clinical Practice (O)
Electronic J. Biotechnology (O)
Electronic J. Oncology (O)
Electronic J. Science Education (O)
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality (O)
Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (O)
EMBO J. (H-12)
EMBO Reports (H-Through end of previous year, after January)
Emergency Medicine J. (O)
Emerging Infectious Diseases (O)
Endocrine Reviews (H-12)
Endocrinology (H-12)
Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine (Japan) (O)
European J. Endocrinology (O - Before 1999)
European Respiratory J. (O)
Evolution and Human Behavior (O)
Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine (O)


Family Practice (H-24)
Family Practice Management (O)
FASEB J. (H-12)
FDA Consumer (O)
Frontiers in Bioscience (O)

Genders (O)
Genes and Development (H-12)
Genetics (H-3)
Genetics and Molecular Biology (Brazil) (O)
Genome Biology (O - Research articles only)
Genome Research (H-12)
Geriatrics (O)
German J. Psychiatry (O)
Graft (O)

Haema (Greece) (O)
Haematologica (O)
Harvard Brain - Undergraduate J. Neuroscience (O)
Health Affairs (O) (Medscape)
Health Policy and Planning (H-24)
Health Promotion International (H-24)
Heart Surgery Forum (O)
Hong Kong Medical J. (O)
Hospital Pharmacist (O)
Hospital Practice (O)
Hypertension (H-12)


Images in Paediatric Cardiology (O)
In Silico Biology (O)
Indian J. Pharmacology (O)
Indian J. Radiology And Imaging (O)
Indian Pediatrics (O)
Infection and Immunity (H-6)
Infections in Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Infections in Urology (O) (Medscape)
Informatics Review (O)
International J. Epidemiology (H-24)
International J. Parasitology (O)
International J. Radiation Oncology ­ Biology and Physics (O)
International Pediatrics (O)
Internet J. Academic Physician Assistants (O)
Internet J. Advanced Nursing Practice (O)
Internet J. Anaesthesiology (O)
Internet J. Asthma Allergy and Immunology (O)
Internet J. Cardiology (O)
Internet J. Dermatology (O)
Internet J. Emergency and intensive Care Medicine (O)
Internet J. Family Practice (O)
Internet J. Gastroenterology (O)
Internet J. Gynecology and Obstetrics (O)
Internet J. Health (O)
Internet J. Healthcare Administration (O)
Internet J. Infectious Diseases (O)
Internet J. Law Healthcare and Ethics (O)
Internet J. Mental Health (O)
Internet J. Neurology (O)
Internet J. Neuromonitoring (O)
Internet J. Neurosurgery (O)
Internet J. Oncology (O)
Internet J. Opthalmology and Visual Science (O)
Internet J. Orthopedic Surgery (O)
Internet J. Otorhinolaryngology (O)
Internet J. Pain, Symptom Control and Palliative Care (O)
Internet J. Pathology (O)
Internet J. Pediatrics and Neonatalogy (O)
Internet J. Perfusionists (O)
Internet J. Pharmacology (O)
Internet J. Plastic Surgery (O)
Internet J. Pulmonary Medicine (O)
Internet J. Radiology (O)
Internet J. Rescue and Disaster Medicine (O)
Internet J. Rheumatology (O)
Internet J. Surgery (O)
Internet J. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (O)
Internet J. Urology (O)
Internet J. Vibrational Spectroscopy (O)
Internet Photochemistry and Photobiology (O)
Interpersonal Computing and Technology J. (O)
Irish Medical J. (O)
Israel J. Veterinary Medicine (O)
Italian Heart J. (O)


Japanese Circulation J. (O)
Japanese Heart J. (O)
Japanese J. Clinical Oncology (O)
Japanese J. Pharmacology (O)
J. American Board Family Practice (O) (Medscape)
J. American Pharamceutical Society (O) (Medscape)
J. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (H-24)
J. Applied Physiology (H-12)
J. Artificial Intelligence Research (O)
J. Bacteriology (H-6)
J. Biochemistry (Japan) (O)
J. Biological Chemistry (H-Through end of previous year, after January)
J. Cell Biology (H-6)
J. Cell Science (H-Through end of previous year, after January)
J. Chemical Software (Japan) (O)
J. Clinical and Basic Cardiology (O)
J. Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (H-12)
J. Clinical Hypertension (O) (Medscape)
J. Clinical Investigation (O)
J. Clinical Microbiology (H-6)
J. Clinical Virology (O)
J. Computer Aided Chemistry (Japan) (O)
J. Computer Mediated Communication (O)
J. Conceptual Modeling (O)
J. Diarrhoeal Diseases Research (O)
J. Endovascular Therapy (O)
J. Equine Science (Japan) (O)
J. Exercise Physiology (O)
J. Experimental Biology (H-Through end of previous year, after January)
J. Experimental Medicine (H-18)
J. Family Practice (O)
J. Gender Specific Medicine (O)
J. General Physiology (H-18)
J. General Virology (H-12)
J. Health Population and Nutrition (O)
J. Hepatology (O)
J. Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (H-24)
J. Immunology (H-12)
J. Indonesian Medical Association (O)
J. Information Law and Technology (O)
J. Informed Pharmacotherapy (O)
J. Interactive Media in Education (O)
J. Invasive Cardiology (O) (Medscape)
J. Japanese Physical therapy Association (O)
J. Korean Medical Science (O)
J. Lipid Research (H-24)


J. Medical Internet Research (O)
J. Memetics (O)
J. Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions (O)
J. Nephrology (Italy) (O)
J. Neurological Sciences (Turkey) (O)
J. Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry (H-24)
J. Neurophysiology (H-12)
J. Neuroscience (H-18)
J. Nippon Medical School (O)
J. Nutrition (H-12)
J. Online Behavior (O)
J. Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (H-12)
J. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (O)
J. Physical Therapy Science (Japan) (O)
J. Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science (Japan) (O)
J. Physiology (H-12)
J. Postmodern Culture (O)
J. Psychiatry and Neuroscience (Canada) (O)
J. Radiation Research (Japan) (O)
J. Refractive Surgery (O)
J. Rehabilitation Research and Development (O)
J. Reproduction and Development (Japan) (O)
J. Reproduction and Development (Japan) (O)
J. Research NIST (O)
J. Smooth Muscle Research (Japan) (O)
J. Southern Orthopedic Association (O) (Medscape)
J. Spirochetal and Tick-borne Diseases (O) (Medscape)
J. Structural and Functional Genomics (Japan) (O)
J. Toxicologic Pathology (Japan) (O)
J. Venomous Animals and Toxins (O)
J. Veterinary Medical Science (Japan) (O)
J. Virological Methods (O)
J. Virology (H-6)
J. Vision (O)

Laboratory Hematology (O)
Learning and Memory (H-12)

Mayo Clinic Proceedings (O)
McGill J. Medicine (O)
Medical J. Australia (O)
Medical J. Islamic Academy of Sciences (O)
Medicine and Global Survival (O)
Medscape Gastroenterology (O) (Medscape)
Medscape General Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Hematology-Oncology (O) (Medscape)
Medscape HIV/AIDS (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Mental Health (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Pulmonary Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing (O) (Medscape)
Medscape Womenıs Health (O) (Medscape)
Microbes and Environment (Japan) (O)
Microbiology (H-12)
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews (H-12)
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology (O)
Molecular and Cellular Biology (H-6)
Molecular Biology and Evolution (H-12)
Molecular Biology Cell (H-2)
Molecular Endocrinology (H-12)
Molecular Pharmacology (H-12)
Molecular Vision (O)
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - MMWR (O)
Mount Sinai J. Medicine (O)


Neurology India (O)
NeuroPractice (O) (Medscape)
Neurosurgical Focus (O) (Medscape)
New England Journal M. (H-6)
News in Physiological Sciences (H-12)
Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (O)

Oncologist (O)
Online J. Issues in Nursing (O)
Online J. of Rural Nursing and Health Care (O)

Parasitology International (O)
Pediatric Pharmacotherapy (O) (Medscape)
Pharmaceutical J. (O)
Pharmacological Reviews (H-12)
Pharmacotherapy (O) (Medscape)
Physical Therapy (O)
Physician and Sports Medicine (O)
Physiological Reviews (H-12)
Plant Cell (H-12)
Plant Physiology (H-12)
PNAS - Proceedings National Academy Sciences (H-1)
Polymer J. (Japan) (O)
Prevention & Treatment (O)
Proceedings National Academy of Sciences - PNAS (H-1)
Progress in Cardiovascular Nursing (O) (Medscape)
Progress in Transplantation (O) (Medscape)
Psyche (O)
Psychiatric Bulletin (H-12)
Psychiatry Online (O)
Psycholoquy (O)


RadioGraphics (H-24)
Radioisotopes (Japan) (O)
Radiology (H-24)
Radiotherapy (O)
Revista Biologia Tropical (Costa Rica) (O)
Revista Chilena Anatomia (O)
Revista Microbiologia (Brazil) (O)
Rheumatology (H-24)

Sao Paulo Medical J. (O)
Schizophrenia Bulletin (O) (Medscape)
Science  (O-after 6 months - starts soon)
Science and Technology Review (O)
Scientific Review Alternative Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Scientist (O)
Seminars in Liver Disease  (O) (Medscape)
Seminars in Neurology (O) (Medscape)
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (O) (Medscape)
Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis (O) (Medscape)
Seychelles Medical and Dental J. (O)
Singapore Medical J. (O)
Sleep Research Online (O)
Southern Medical J. (O) (Medscape)
SQU J. for Scientific Reseearch - Medical Sciences (Oman) (O)
Stem Cells (O)
Stitches: J. Medical Humor (O) (Medscape)
Stroke (H-12)

Thorax (H-12)
Tobacco Control (H-12)
Transactions Visualization Society Japan (O)
Turkish J. Gastroenterology (O)

Virus Research (O)

Weekly Epidemiological Record (O)
Western J. Medicine (O) (Medscape)
World Wide Web J. Biology (O)
Wounds (O) (Medscape)
Zoological Science (Japan) (O)