Below is a listing of airship models so far as is known to me. You will find card, paper, fiberglass, plastic, and remote control (R/C) models. Included are sources for airship plans.

Plastic kit manufacturers appear to let their kits go out of production -- OOP -- after a few years. Prices for the OOP models are from "Collectors Value Guide For Scale Model Plastic Kits", 6th edition, 1994.

I strongly encourage kit manufacturers to release their kits to the general public. These kits are reminders of our airship heritage and our potential future.

I do not sell models or plans. Please contact the sources listed below and your local hobby vendors.

Many thanks to all those who contributed information that made this page possible.

If you have additions or corrections about any of these items, or if you would care to donate a model, please let me know. Thank you.


Card Modeling FAQ

This site has just about all there is to know on the subject!

H&B Precision Card Models

2026 Spring Branch Drive | Vienna VA 22181 | USA
tel/fax: 703-281-0813

Iceberg Paper Model Links

You want paper models? This is worth your look!

JF Schreiber-Bogen

  • 1:200 Graf Zep
  • 1:400 Graf Zep (with metalfoil cover)
  • 1:200 Hindenburg (sort of silvered paper)


"For collectors and fans of model Airships."
An astonishing one-stop shop.

Marcle Models

Turnagain | Finch Lane | Amersham | Bucks. HP7 9NE | ENGLAND

tel/fax: (+44) 01494 765910

"I got into the paper/card models because you can't find the big rigid airships in plastic anymore. When you start to look at $300 collector's editions of plastic models, the $15-40 you'll pay for a good card model is indeed a bargain!"

Paper Models International

9910 SW Bonnie Brae Drive | Beaverton, OR 97008-6045 | USA

tel: 503-646-4289

Catalog listing hundreds of cardstock models available including a 1/350 Macon with skyhook fighter and mooring mast (silvered paper), a 1/500 Hindenburg (with a 1/200 passenger area), the Schreiber 1/200 Graf Zeppelin, and assorted balloons and fantasy dirigibles. -- Matso Limtiaco

Listed are two models of the Hindenburg, two of the Graf Zeppelin, one of the Macon, one of the Solar Ship Lotte, one of the new Zeppelin LZ N07, a Montgolfiere Balloon, a generic hot air balloon, and six Czech models of other historical balloons. -- Kell

If you've never built a paper model, you'd be surprised how good they look when assembled properly.


Im Steinengarten 11 | D70563 Stuttgart | GERMANY

contact: Ulrich Rueger

Paper model airship kits for sale include:

  • ZEPPELIN NT (1:120)
  • LZ 126 (ZR3) Los Angeles (1:200)
  • LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin
  • LZ 129 Hindenburg
  • Solar Airship D-LOTTE (1:60, about 10")



A community for anyone interested in modeling airhips. Here you can gain access to valuable reference material needed for your project and meet other modelers who share similar interests. Launched 9 March 2006.


LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

Aero Base (1/1,000) Model C001.

Aero Base LZ127

This very finely crafted kit is made of super-detailed stainless steel parts and a white-metal gondola. All you need are a side cutter for metal, a set of tweezers and some epoxy glue. The Zeppelin is 233mm in length. Retail ¥ 8,000 (about US$70).

Once you have seen the quality of their build -- created by Mr. Shinichi Iwami -- you will be tempted to acquire more. I plan to acquire their Lillienthal Glider, Wright Brothers Flyer and Gee-Bee Racer. These, let me repeat, are very finely crafted kits!

AERO BASE, Inc. | 2-26, Takajomachi | Wakayama | 640-8135 |JAPAN
tel/fax +81(0)73-422-8655 |

Kit detailed information
Brochure (pdf)
Modeling Madness: Aero Base Gee-Bee Kit Build


Micro-Blimp Envelopes

How to make micro-blimp envelopes. Text & photos by Santos of Coleman doing demo.


American Airships


SkyTech (OOP)




AMT/ERTL: Akron/Macon

1/520 scale. Kit number T572 contained one kit that could be built as either the Akron or Macon. OOP: $25-$35.


Kit which could be built as the Akron or Macon. About a foot long.

SkyTech (OOP)

Fiberglass hull AKRON/MACON full model with mast, hangar bay entrance, trapeze and Sparrowhawk fighters together with etched brass parts, including two-blade and three-blade propellers. (Surprisingly, they don't give scale data but a photograph shows a tiny Sparrowhawk about the same size as a quarter coin).

SkyTech (OOP)

1:400 Akron model with an F9C Sparrowhawk.



see above


1:350 Macon complete with a Sparrowhawk.

Curtis Sparrowhawk (the Akron/Macon fighters)

Williams Bros Inc.

Kit No. 32-F9C. It is in 1/32 scale and has decal markings to permit finishing the model as any one of six different Sparrowhawks. The cover has a very nice piece of art depicting a Sparrowhawk with wheels flying past the Macon/Akron. Comment received: "Williams Bros. Sparrowhawk is excellent. I finished mine sans gear and hanging from the trapeze. I scratched built the trapeze to the drawings of the final version as fitted to the ZR5." Probably currently available.


Buddy-L (OOP)


Combat Models (OOP)

1/72nd vacuform kit of the K class blimp. It is even larger than the ZMC of the same scale.

Glencoe (OOP)

I've seen a K-Type blimp model (unsure of scale, possibly 1:250) in the hobby shops - it was $10 last time I checked.


Reissued an old Ringo Toy Corp. model kit of a U.S. Navy K-type Blimp at 1/330 scale. On the original but not the reissue model there is a decal with the designation of "K-68." As I remember it retailed for about $20. Glencoe's kit number is 05504.

Goodyear (OOP)

When it came to an accurate "K-Ship" the old Goodyear plastic model with the moveable sign was closer in proportions to a K-Ship than the Glencoe one....and it worked great in photo reference for the finished painting of a K-Ship.

Kleeware (OOP)

1/336 scale: Goodyear USN Blimp. $100- up.

Revell (OOP)

Revell: Goodyear Blimp

1/169 scale: Goodyear Blimp. circa 1975. $10-$15. Goodyear Blimp model (GZ20 - ie America, Columbia, Europa). It had a motorized revolving drum on the inside on which you could create "lighted" messages. It, too, is a collectors' item today.

Ringo Toy Corporation (OOP)

1/3336 Goodyear K-68 USN Blimp, $30-$50 (I believe that this is the one that was recently re-released by Glencoe.)

SkyTech (OOP)

  • 1/72 Goodyear type AD Pilgram (sic).
  • 1/72 Goodyear ZS2G model.
  • 1/100 Goodyear type C model.
  • 1/144 (over 21 inches long) U.S. Navy K-ship model with mooring mast.

ZZ Modelle

Based in Germany. 1/500 scale ready-made models of blimps.


Airmodel No. 237 (OOP)

1/72 scale or 1"=6'. Vacuum form model kit produced in Germany. It was sold in a clear plastic bag with decals etc. without a manufacturers name. The kit was designed as incomplete. You have to add the engines from another kit. I believe it was a biplane of some sort. The scale is quite large as the shell is about 18" long. The instructions are very well done with lots of detail sketches. circa 1960s.


SkyTech (OOP)

  • 1/144 A-60 Lightship model
  • 1/72 A-60 Lightship model

Phoenix (?) Airship

Imai (OOP)

1/350 scale. $10-$15.

British Airships


Airfix ?

Scale and maker unknown - I've been told by a couple of aviation modelers that this one was available in the early 1960s. I believe that the original model was a venture by a balsa model company in UK called Keil Kraft. But it was later reissued by the plastic model maker Airfix.

Frog Model F128. (OOP)

1/500 scale. $50-$80. Manufactured between 1965 and 1970.

It came with a 'L' shaped wire rod to attach the completed model airship to the replica Montreal Mast and had a cardboard diorama base.

Maquette (Russia) Model 5000.

Maquette R101Re-released the Frog kit. It is available in the UK at under £18. The moulding is very basic, but free of flash (although some rubbing down will be required). It comes complete with new decals. Some of the windows may be inaccurate. Also inaccurate is some of the detail on the mooring mast which is also very simplistic and lacking in detail. There is a lot of room here for photo-etched brass railings and other super detailing.

Avia Press: Information & Kit Source
Modeling Madness: Review & Kit Build

SkyTech (OOP)

1/400 R100 model kit together with mast components. It was also available as a museum quality finished model.


UPC: R100

Originally issued by Frog. 1/500 scale. $40-$60.




SkyTech (OOP)

1/400 model kit together with mooring mast (available also in museum quality finished model).


German Airships


SkyTech (OOP)

1:144 Zeppelin model with Albatross (I guess this is one of the famous WWI German fighters).


Hawk / Testors (OOP)

Testors/Hawk: Graf Zeppelin

1/245 scale. Originally made by Hawk (Kit # 301) in the early sixties and reissued by Testors c.1976.

An aviation modeler told me that the Hawk kit, unassembled, is worth upwards of $300 today, and the Testors kit anywhere from $50-75.

A collectors' item, but not because of its historical accuracy! This is a HUGE 1/245th scale vacuum formed model. It builds to a formidable length of 38.5 inches!

It is vacuum-formed because styrene plastic cannot be molded to such sizes without warping. Be advised to use superglue in assembly of styrene plastic models.

Malmmos (Denmark, OOP)

From 1965 I have (all unassembled in the original box) a model, LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin, scale 1:250, 94 cm long when assembled. Included is a large 28 page manual with non-English construction instructions and history of the Zeppelin type and biographical notes on Zeppelin, Durr, and Eckener. Photos are included of the model under construction along with the Graf Zeppelin interiors, and exteriors, of its world flight, and of earlier Zeppelins. The manual has an aluminized cover. Construction materials include 16 die cut frames of about 1 mm thick plywood.

Other wood materials are pine, abacki and balsa. Engine cars are in two halves of plastic. The propellers and engine car ladders are also of plastic. The supplied covering is silk. Longitudinal members are wood and a stiff construction keel is supplied. A color scheme is provided along with decals and an aluminized wrap around gondola appliquÈ with windows scribed thereon.

A full size construction plan is supplied apparently in three languages including for example the titles: Byggetegning, Bauzeichnung, and Construction Drawing. A method of hanging the completed model is illustrated.

SkyTech (OOP)

1/144 Graf Zeppelin model kit (available also in museum quality finished model).

Toho Mokei (OOP)

1/1080 scale. $30-$50.



AMT/ERTL: Hindenburg

1:520 scale (18") and was kit number T557. Also included a scale replica of the DC-3 intended to be mounted under the displayed Hindenburg. Made in mid-70s. $25-$35.


Revell-Germany: LZ129 Revell-Germany: LZ129 display

1/720 scale - currently available for $20-30 US. At 247mm it's a very small model for a large subject.

Modeling Madness: review & kit build
Revell: 05777 LZ-129 Hindenburg Geschenk-Set

SkyTech (OOP)

1/400 Hindenburg model with a Junkers Ju-52.



Yes, the Hindenburg was not the last of the great Zeppelins. 1/720 scale - appears to be same as their LZ129 with different markings.




And yes, the Zeppelin Company is alive and well and building new 14-person passenger ships. 1/200 scale. 375 mm. 04825.


R/C (Remote Control) MODELS

Peck Polymers
P.O. Box 710399 | Santee, CA 92072-0399 | USA

tel: 619-448-1818
fax: 619-448-1833

Remote controled, electric-powered indoor blimps, use helium for safety. Peck also manufactures large tethered blimps for signage. They are located east of San Diego.

Technical Manager
Royal Aeronautical Society
4 Hamilton Place
London W1V OBQ


I suggest that you will get all the info you need from three detailed and well illustrated articles published in 'Radio Control Models and Electronics' Vol 41 Issues 3, 4 & 5 (March, April & May 1998). I can supply you with photocopies at a cost of £7. Payment in advance either by cheque payable to The Royal Aeronautical Society or by VISA, Access or Mastercard giving your number, date of card expiry and name on the card.


America's Hobby Center

Graf Zeppelin/Los Angeles & Hindenburg model kits: about 36 inch 'stick and tissue' kit with "laser cut bulkheads, contest quality balsa, vacu-formed plastic detail parts. Contact Bill Jeric at Megatech for further information:


Fine Scale Modeler Magazine

A good source is their classified adds. Many advertisers sell out of date kits. From what I have learnt so far the Akron/Macon sells for about $30-35. The Hindenburg for $90. The R100 for $50 and the huge Hawk model of the Graf Zeppelin - wait for it - $250!

LTA Models

7 Birchwood Avenue | Peabody, MA 01960 | USA

Drawings and models of airships, including a little kit of the Schwarz airship made of aluminum. Write for information.


Frankfurt/Main/Germany. No english pages available. Worth visiting.

Squadron Shop
214-242-8663, 8:30 - 5:30 CST

"A friend gave me a catalogue from a company called the Squadron Shop. It features the Revell model of the Hindenburg that was mentioned last week. It's 1/720 scale, costs $14.99, humanity not included. Kit number is 2-RG4802." -- Allan Janus

SkyTech Models: out of business

Manufacturered airship models, 2-5 feet long, in kit and finished forms. This was, almost literally, a one-man operation. SkyTech made a number of kits for which they were the only known source. I hope they make a come-back. Last known address was a small shop in a mall: 2373 N.W. 185th, No. 290, Hillsboro, OR 97124 USA.

Last update: 2 January 2014