Aeronauticum Nordholz Deutsches Luftschiff- und Marine-flieger Museum

Peter-Straßer-Platz 3
27637 Nordholz

Postfach 68
27633 Nordholz

Excellent website covering historical Zeppelins.

Tel: 011 49 4741 941074
Fax: 011 49 4741 941090
Museum: 011 4741 941075


97996 Niederstetten
Im KULT, Hauptstraße 52

Tel.: 07932/9102-38 od. 8411
Fax: 07932/9102-39

Deutsches Museum

Museuminsel 1
D-80306 Munchen 22

Tel: (+49) 89 2179 1
Fax: (+49) 89 2179 324
(within Germany replace the +49 by 0)

Use their search engine to find Zeppelin-related items.

Weilburg Museum

Schloßplatz 1
D-6290 Weilburg

Tel: 06471/379447
Fax: 06471/379452

North of Frankfurt-A-M. LZ5 (ZII) had crashed there in 1910. The majority of the museum is concerned with the local mining industry and the airship exhibit was confined to one wall of one room. There are six structural parts on show covering about 4' x 3' of wall. At the top an approximately 4' long bit of a triangular longeron then an obviously heavily stressed longeron piece where a tubular section joined it then three nondescript structural pieces and a control-cable pulley. There were 15 large photos of the wreck, a number of which I had seen in various Zeppelin histories. There were a number of good large photos taken after the crash and during the dismantling of the ship (with axes!). There were also some pieces of the structure on show but I couldn't identify their position in the airship -- Peter White

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, Technik and Kunst

Seestraße 22
D-88045 Friedrichshafen



The official Zeppelin museum was inaugurated at its new premises on 2 July 1996. Display space 4000 square meters. The main attraction is a 40 meter long partial reconstruction of LZ 129 Hindenburg (to scale) on the basis of the original construction plans.

Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)On 22 April 2007, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen was awarded the rare title FAI-Recommended-Museum by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). Worldwide, only 24 museums have been honored this way. The title is indicative of outstanding collections in aviation and especially valuable exhibitions that further educate the public, but especially the young people in the area of air and space travel. Over the years the Zeppelin Museum has drawn attention to itself through a series of exhibitions on the history of aviation. FAI, founded 1905 in Paris is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization that worldwide organizes and coordinates activities in the areas of air and space travel in some 100 member countries. 

Tel: (49) (0)7541-38010
Fax: (49) (0)7541-380180

W. Meighorner, Director

Zeppelin Museum Meersburg-Heinz Urban

Schloßpltaz 8
D-88709 Meersburg

Tel: 07532/7909 u. Fax

Zeppelin museum at Meersburg, the site of the very first hanger. It is excellent! Crammed full of stuff, bits and pieces and models.

It tells the story of the airship on a much more human level than the FN museum. The lady on duty took great delight in showing me an unexploded Zeppelin bomb recover from my home soil when she realized I was English! They have the only remaining bomb release from the period as well. There is plenty of other stuff to provide at least a couple of hours of browsing, from uniforms and burnt maps from the L2 to china, pins and toys. The list is endless.

The shop was a little barren but did have a small but highly detailed paper model of the L59 - the topic of much discussion on the list of late.

If anyone is planning a trip to visit FN make sure you leave time for the trip to Meerburg. The town itself is beautiful and worth the visit. For that matter the entire area is worth a least two days of any ones vacation.

-- Paul Adams

Zeppelin Museum Neu-Isenburg / Zeppelinheim

Kapitän-Lehmann-Straße 2
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg-Zeppelinheim

Tel: xx49 (0)69 / 69 43 90 (AB)
Fax: xx49 (0)69 / 69 20 16

Built and opened in 1988 as an extension to the Town Hall Zeppelinheim. Located near the Rhein-Main Airport Frankfurt/Main.

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