stamp: germany_c38

franking: germany_sudamerika fahrt

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stamp: finland_ c1

Finland C1


stamp: germany_c38

Germany C38

  • var Mi 438 1
  • 4/19/30
  • Graf Zeppelin - first flight to So. America


stamp: germany_c57-58

Germany C57-58

  • C57 3/16/36 50 pf Hindenburg over ocean
  • C58 3/16/36 75 pf Hindenburg over ocean



stamp: greece_c7

Greece 1933 C7

  • 5/2/33
  • 120 d Graf Zeppelin Issue


stamp: iceland_c9-11

Iceland 1931

  • C9 1931 30 rur Zeppelin Issue (overprints)
  • C10 1931 1 krona Zeppelin Issue (overprints)
  • C11 1931 2 krona Zeppelin Issue (overprints)


stamp: liechtenstein_c7-8

Liechtenstein C7&8

  • C7 6/1/31 1 Fr Zeppelin over Naafkopf
  • C8 6/1/31 2 Fr Zeppelin in Valuna Valley
stamp: liechtenstein_c16

Liechtenstein C16

  • 5/1/36
  • Graf Zeppelin
stamp: liechtenstein_663

Liechtenstein 663

  • 3/8/79
  • 80 rp Europa - Postal History Pioneer Airmail, Zepp over Vaduz Castle on 6/10/31.


stamp: russia_c23

Russia C23 1931-32

  • 50 k Exploring Arctic Regions
  • C23 is a re-issue of C18

United States

US "Graf Zeppelin" Air-Mail Stamps -- Issue of 1930

This special series of air-mail stamps was issued for use on mail matter carried on the first Europe-Pan American round-trip flight of the Graf Zeppelin in May 1930. This series contains three stamps in denominations of 65 cents, $1.30, and $2.60.

The stamps are the same shape and size as the air-mail stamps of 1926-27, 75/1000 by 1 84/100 inches, and are described as follows;

The border design is the same for each stamp, with the necessary change of numerals representing the value. At the top of the stamp in a dark panel are the words "Graf Zeppelin" with the words "Europe-Pan America flight" directly underneath. At the bottom of the stamp in a dark panel appear the words "United States postage" and within circles in both lower corners are the numerals showing the denomination.

stamp: usa_c13

US C13

  • 4/19/30
  • 65c
  • Graf Zeppelin Europa-Pan American Round Trip Flight
The 65-cent stamp is printed in green and contains as the central design a representation of the Graf Zeppelin in flight across the Atlantic Ocean in an eastward direction.
stamp: usa_ c14

US C14

  • 4/19/30
  • $1.30
  • Graf Zeppelin Europa-Pan American Flight
In the $1.30 stamp the airship is shownsailing westward between between partial outlines of the eastern and western continents. This stamp is printed in brown.
stamp: usa_ c15

US C15

  • 4/19/30
  • $2.60
  • Graf Zeppelin Europa-Pan American Flight


The design of the $2.60 stamp shows the Graf Zeppelin emerging from the clouds, passing a globe representing the earth, and traveling toward the West. This stamp is printed in blue.

The Graf Zeppelin stamps were first placed on sale at the post office, Washington, D.C., and the Philatelic Agency on April 19, 1930. The stamps were placed on sale at the following additional post offices on April 21, 1930: (list omitted).

The Zeppelin stamps were withdrawn from sale in the post offices on June 7, 1930, but the stamps were continued on sale in the Philatelic Agency for the benefit of stamp collectors untill June 30, 1930.

United States Postage Stamps, 1847-1965.

1,000,000 of each denomination were issued, and remainders were afterwards destroyed. The mail, when closed, was sent to Germany by boat, and then picked up at Friedrichshafen by the Zeppelin. The 65c. and $1.30 values were used for postcards and letters respectively carried on the last lap of the journey, i.e., U.S.A. to Seville and Friedrichshafen. The $1.30 and $2.60 values were used for postcards and letters respectively carried on the round flight, i.e., Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen or Seville.

The History of Flight, pg. 213 (Maggs Bros., 1936).

Special "Graf Zeppelin" Air-Mail Stamp (50-¢) -- Issue of 1933

stamp: usa_ c18

US C18

  • 10/2/33
  • 50c
  • Graf Zeppelin-Century of Progress Flight
  • Chicago Worlds Fair
This special stamp provided for use on air-matter carried on the flight of the Graf Zeppelin to the Century of Progress Exposition, in October [2nd] 1933.

Recess-printed in long transverse format on white wove paper by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington.

The History of Flight, pg. 221 (Maggs Bros., 1936)

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Zeppelin frankings

franking: usa_europe-panamerica-roundflight

Europe / Pan-America Round Flight

franking: germany_europa-nordamerika

Deutsche Luftpost Europa-Nordamerika

franking: germany_sudamerikafahrt

Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin
Sudamerikafahrt 1930

franking: germany_grafpolarfahrt

Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin
Polarfahrt 1931

franking: germany_hindebergdeutschlandfahrt

Luftschiff Hindenburg
Deutschlandfahrt am 1. Mai 1937

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