Noah Finkelstein's Bio and CV:

As of Summer 2017, here is a short, medium and longer bio for me.

I won't bore with you the details of a rather exciting childhood. I did my undergraduate work at Yale University in mathematics (though retained strong interest in both physics and philosophy). Following undergraduate I worked in industry (Ford Aerospace / Space Space Systems Loral) and joined LCHC as a research associate (where I studied the early stages of email communities, and networks). I returned to graduate school at Princeton University where I studied applied physics. Following graduate school I landed the opportunity to study how people learn physics with an NSF sponsored Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematics Science Engineering and Technology Education (or PFSMETE) I was housed at UCSD and worked there and with researchers at the SEMSAME program at UC Berkeley. At UCSD I was affiliated with the department of physics, and the school of engineering. I also taught at the High Tech High School and ran programs affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs, The Ruben H. Fleet Science Center, and San Diego City College.

I am now at the Physics Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder and serve as one of the principal investigators of the Physics Education Research group and a director of the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder. More on current programs and projects can be found on this site and the PER site.

I serve on several national committees, including:

In 2005 I was awarded an NSF CAREER fellowship. A full writeup of the proposal (in PDF).
In April 2007, I was awarded the University of Colorado, Boulder Faculty Assembly campus-wide Award for Excellence in Teaching.
In 2009 and 2011, I was awarded a University of Colroado system-wide Diversity and Excellence Award
In 2010, I received the University of Colorado's, Graduate School Award for Mentoring.
In 2011 and 2012, 2015, and 2017, I received a University of Colorado Boulder Outreach Award
In 2011, I was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society.
In 2012, I was elected as a Presidential Teaching Scholar, one of the highest level awards in the University of Colorado sytem.
In 2014, I was named Sigma-Pi-Sigma Outstanding Physics Professor
In 2014, I was selected as the Inaugural Timmerhas Teaching Ambassador for the University of Colorado system
In 2016, I was named, US-Brazil Professor Lecturer, APS and SBF (Brazilian Physical Society), 2016

In Feb, 2010 I testified at US Congress. House Science and Technology Committee.
_ Hearings on Strengthening Undergraduate and Graduate STEM Education, Reauthorizing America COMPETES Act.
_ Watch the Testimony (nees RealPlayer). Read his testimony (11 pages). Exec. Summary of Oral. (AAPT press release and CU Press release ).

A more detailed version of this is contained on my CV (in PDF as of Jul  '17).


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