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URSSA - Undergraduate Research Student Self-Assessment

URSSA is an online survey instrument for use in evaluating student outcomes of undergraduate research experiences in the sciences.   The URSSA survey items have been thoroughly tested and URSSA is now available for returning and new users!

URSSA is hosted by salgsite.org, the web site that hosts the SALG (Student Assessment of their Learning Gains), a survey instrument for undergraduate course assessment.  Through the salgsite platform, URSSA users have access to all of the functions developed originally for the SALG, including the ability to:  
URSSA is currently available to departmental and program users through the SALG interface.  We cannot guarantee survival of this interface - please always download a copy of your instrument and your results for safekeeping. 

For the latest information about URSSA, validation of its core scales, and how to use it, please visit E&ER's web site:


Sometimes web links get broken. This site is provided as a public service; it is updated only rarely.  If the specific URL above does not work, please visit www.colorado.edu/eer and follow the menus to our work on undergraduate research and assessment tools for UR.

The URSSA team comes from the University of Colorado at Boulder and includes Anne-Barrie Hunter, Tim Weston, Heather Thiry and Sandra Laursen.  We thank the SALG team and all the students, faculty, and program directors who helped us test and refine URSSA.  

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Development and testing of URSSA has been supported by the National Science Foundation through its Divisions of Chemistry and Undergraduate Education, the Biological Sciences Directorate, and the Office of Multidisciplinary Affairs
, under grant #CHE-0548488.  

Additional support has been provided by the Biological Sciences Initiative and the NIH S
cholars program, both at CU Boulder, through their grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institutes of Health.


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