Some Useful Links and References This is a "wonderful site" that has great examples and superb math explanations of many of mathematical curves explored in this project. This is a nice emulator of a roulette plotter device. ... A great site for knowing about the math regarding the roulette curves. … This is a nice java script spirograph applet. Really cool!!! MWK Lasers is a great place to buy surplus lasers and laser system parts. Ask for Mike. You can buy an excellent serial to DMX 512 converter at JPK Electronics. They have RS-232 or USB units. The RS-232 units work the best. A good source of information on laser projection devices, optics, hardware, and software. One of the best integrated circuit companies around. Many of the chips used in this project were made by Analog Devices. National Semiconductor is another great company that manufactures top notch integrated circuits. Many of the chips used in this project were made by National. Texas Instruments is still another great builder of high quality integrated circuits. Many of the logic chips in this project were provided by Texas Instruments. This is a splendid site by Kelly Kohl who was a great help in this project, particularly in circuit design for the design of the digital to analog conversion boards. See the site and you will find great examples of DMX conversion circuits too. Kelly, thank you! the home site for my friend and co-author, Professor Paul Beale. A cool site! an example of some of our laser projection works that was exhibited at the 2007 Bridges Math Art International Conference. Another example of our laser projection work that was included in the University of Colorado Health Sciences Science in Art| Art in Science exhibit. Here is a great site that really shows how epicycles work with a beautiful Java applet. Want to know about DMX-512? Start here! All of the pc boards in this project were designed with the Mentor Graphics Expedition software. It is fantastic! This link takes you to the General Scanning home page. General Scanning is a major manufacturer of precision galvanometer scanners. In our project, we used the GS 100 and GS 120 units. They worked well. You can find them on the surplus market, but be careful in purchasing. The units are easily damaged. Cambridge Technology is another major manufacturer of precision galvanometer scanners. Their scanners are very fast and remarkably precise.

Lawrence, J.D. A Catalog of Special Plane Curves. New York: Dover, 1972.... a classic book on plane curves.

MVM Electronics Inc is a company that makes high quality optical control products for laser projection devices. The PCAOM unit in this project was manufactured by MVM. It is a cost effective unit that really performs. Ask for Manhar: he is the owner and resident genius. He was always patient with my questions and requests.
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