Recording Studio

Most of Jesse's composing and recording happens in his own professional–grade project studio, and depending on the project's needs, he often plays most of the instruments himself. These two factors allow commissioning entities to save a lot of money, and give Jesse freedom to work anytime he needs to without scheduling studio time or session players. However, after about 25 years of living and working in the Denver area, Jesse has developed relationships with all sorts of instrumentalists and singers who step in to help on a project when needed. He also has good musical connections in France, Germany, Turkey, and on the Northeast and Northwest coasts of the USA. The studio has a large, sunny control room and a fully isolated separate recording room with a floated floor and two sets of walls and windows. Below are lists of most of the equipment and instruments at the studio in Colorado (subject to upgrades without notice).

Primary Operating System

Current Mac Laptop with Glyph and Lacie external drives (all audio tracks remain on external drives). Logic Pro Software with surround and sync to picture capability. MOTU Traveler 14x14, 24 bit, 192 ㎑ audio interface. Paradigm Phantom monitors, battery backup for all gear in the event of power failure.