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Welcome to my home page. I am Distinguished Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, though now retired from the department of economics. My principal interests are in the field of international trade and foreign direct investment. My research for over 40 years has concentrated on the location, production, and welfare effects of large scale firms and multinational corporations. I have worked on analytical models, numerical simulation models, and empirical estimation. I am particularly associated with the development of the horizontal approach, in which multinationals = foreign affiliates replicate many of the activities of other firm establishments in order to serve local and regional markets. On the topic of firm boundaries, my approach focuses on the non-rivaled and non-excludable properties of knowledge capital. Another branch of my work analyzes non-homothetic preferences and explores the role of income elasticities in explaining empirical puzzles involving trade volumes, trade partners, skilled-wage premia, and global environmental issues. For fun and foreign travel, I teach short courses on optimization and simulation modeling around the world.


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Most Recent Research

New Publications and Forthcoming:

>    JIE: Caron, Fally, Markusen
Per-capita Income and the Demand for Skills

>   RIE : Horstman, Markusen
Learning to sell in new markets: A preliminary analysis of market entry by a multinational firm

>   JAERE: Markusen
An Alternative Base Case for Modeling Trade and the Environment

>   QJE: Caron, Fally, Markusen
International trade puzzles: a solution linking production and preferences


>   JIE: Markusen

Putting Per-capita Income back into Trade Theory


>   IJET: Markusen and Xie

Outsourcing versus Vertical Integration: Ethier-Markusen meets the Property-Rights Approach

>    JIE: Markusen
Expansion of trade at the extensive margin: a general gains-from-trade result and illustrative examples

>    IER: Egger, Egger, Markusen

International welfare and employment linkages arising from minimum wages

>    SJE: Malchow-Moeller, Markusen, Schjerning

Foreign firms, domestic wages

>    CJE: Chen, Horstman, Markusen
Physical capital, knowledge capital, and the choice between FDI and outsourcing

Working Papers:

>    What do Multinationals do? The structure of multinational firmsí international activities

>    Global Comparative Statics: model building from theoretical foundations

>    Foreign Firm Entry, Domestic Firm Productivity: theory, evidence and policy

>     Regional Specialization: from the geography of industries to the geography of jobs



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