Professor of International Economics

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Working papers, forthcoming, recent publications:

"Interacting factor endowments and trade costs: a multi-country, multi-good approach to trade theory," forthcoming in the Journal of International Economics (with Anthony Venables).

"Export Platform Foreign Direct Investment," Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming, 2007. NBER working paper 9517, CEPR paper 3823 (with Karolina Ekholm and Rikard Forslid).

"Teaching the Locals New Tricks: Foreign Experts as a source of Productivity Transfer ", NBER working paper 12872. Under revision for the Journal of Development Economics (with Natalia Trofimenko)

"Foreign Firms, Domestic Workers ", CEBR Copenhagen working paper, (with Nikolaj Malchow Møller and Bertil Schjerning)

"Trade in Business Services in General Equilibrium ", NBER working paper 12816 (with Bridget Strand)

"Modeling the Offshoring of White-Collar Services: from comparative advantage to the new theories of trade and FDI", in S.Lael Brainard and Susan Collins, editors, Brookings Trade Forum 2005: Offshoring White-Collar Work, Washington: the Brookings Institution, 2006, 1-34.

"Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Producer Services and the Market for Foreign Expertise" (with David Tarr and Thomas Rutherford), Canadian Journal of Economics, 38 (2006), 758-777.

"Issue Linking in Trade Negotiations: Ricardo Revisited or No Pain No Gain " (with Ignatius J. Horstmann and Jack Robles),Review of International Economics ,13 (2005), 185-204.

"Investment Liberalization and the Geography of Firm Location", in Steven Brakman and Harry Garretsen, editors, Recent Developments in International Trade: Globalization and the Multinational Enterprise, published for CESifo by the MIT Press, 2007 forthcoming (with Anders Hoffman)

"Learning on the Quick and Cheap: microfoundations for the FDI productivity transmission mechanism"  

"Trade versus Investment Liberalization" NBER working paper 6231, 1997.

“Developing Domestic Entrepreneurship and Growth through Imported Expertise” (with Thomas Rutherford), University of Colorado working paper.

“Wage Compression, Learning and Self-Employment” (with Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Jan Rose Skaksen), University of Colorado working paper.