The American Association for
the Advancement of Science needs YOU!

A message from Lise Menn, Secretary :

People join AAAS for lots of reasons, but here are some that have been important to me as a professor. If you are still a student, a lot of these are valid for you, too.

AAAS is organized into about 25 interest sections, and you can join up to three of them; many people who are active in the Linguistics and Language Sciences section are also active in Psychology, Anthropology, or Neurosciences. Each section has a business meeting at the annual mid-February AAAS meeting. For the dates of upcoming meetings please visit the home page on this site.

Our section is the smallest, reducing its impact on the organization - but if we can boost its membership, passive or active, we can make a difference!

What sort of difference? If you get active in AAAS, you can influence what the public - including but NOT limited to colleagues in other sciences - get to know about language and related sciences. You can organize a symposium on creole formation, on language death, on sign language, on language policies, on communication devices for people with language disorders, on emerging literacies; things that will appeal to 'real people' - including the press, which is what counts - if they are presented with an eye to their human impact. To find out how, contact any member of the Section Z steering committee.