Domestic Tranquility: Towels for Everyday Living
2003 embroidered towel, tempered glass, fire alarm, towel rack
In an effort to pacify the fears of the American public (or conversely, to instill fear among the populous), the Department of Homeland Security launched a website which informs citizens how to take care in the event of a biological, chemical, or nuclear attack. Clear and straightforward instructions are accompanied by clean and simple illustrations, demonstrating to us that if we know the signs, we too will be able to avert disaster. All we have to do is trust in the design.

Although cyberspace is filled with such useful bits of information, its enormity can overwhelm the casual user. Throughout the day, however, we (and our loved ones) cannot avoid interacting with myriad domestic objects (e.g. towels, oven mits, pillow cases, tableclothes, etc.). What better way to alert the public than by placing highly decorative (and vitally informative) signage on their housewares? Conveniently, color schemes are flexible enough to complement any design strategy found in the home and, in the event of an attack, the information will be readily at hand.