Straight Lines in Four Directions for Social Distancing (after Sol LeWitt)
cardboard stencils, spray paint, tape measure
Marks for social distancing serve as a visual reminder of the coronavirus as well as the minimum distance we must keep between ourselves and other people during a pandemic. They are also a form of drawing uniquely indicative of our current moment. I have repurposed Sol LeWitt’s 1973, Straight Lines in Four Directions and All Their Possible Combinations for a time of social distancing. Sol LeWitt, well known for introducing the idea of instruction-based art, is a founder of conceptual art practice. For the most part, however, his works have existed within the confines of traditional art museums and galleries. This project reimagines LeWitt’s works as a new form of instruction, for standing and waiting as well as creating and maintaining spaces between ourselves to keep each other safe. Due to COVID-related travel restrictions, kits were sent to arts organizations throughout the U.S. for installation.