The Site Visit Report

An Overview of the Documents

  The documents that are posted here are as follows:

(1) The Site Visit Report, along with the Administration's summary.

(2) My Response to the Site Visit Report.

(3) A discussion of the question of why the Philosophy Department has refrained from seriously criticizing the Site Visit Report. There I describe the significant disagreement that exists within the Philosophy Department over whether it would be wise to offer such criticism, and the reasons that have been advanced for not doing so. Here it is very important to note that there is disagreement about criticizing the Site Report even amongst those—including some women— who regard the document as deeply flawed.

    The ongoing discussion of this question within the Department was the reason that I delayed releasing, for several weeks, my own response to the Site Visit Report.

(4) A document in which I, first of all, point out, very briefly, the dearth of supporting facts in the Site Visit Report for the extremely negative charges that are advanced there, and then, second, discuss why the relevant facts have not been made public.

(5) The AAUP's
"Report on CU’s Treatment of the Philosophy Department", along with some media articles on the release of that statement, together with the original minutes of the February 3, 2014, Executive Committee Meeting of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, and the minutes as revised after the retraction, under pressure, by Professor Brad Monton, of critical comments he had made concerning the University Adminstration, the Office of Discrimination and Harassment, and the Site Visit Report.

(6) Three brief responses to the Site Visit Report, two by members of the Philosophy Department, and one by a former student.

(7) Three external commentaries, two on the Site Visit Report, and one on the Administration.

(8) A copy of the agreement between the site visit team and the Philosophy Department, along with a document in which I argue that the site visit team violated that agreement, in two ways.  This is accompanied by copies of my correspondence with two members of the site visit team, namely, Professors Valerie Hardcastle and Peggy DesAutels, and my correspondence with Amy Ferrer, the Executive Director of the American Philosophical Association, together with the results of two requests that I made under the Colorado Open Records Act. There is also an Inside Higher Education article in which Peggy DesAutels  is described  as still claiming, without offering any evidence at all, and without saying when the supposed requests were made, and how, that the site visit to the University of Colorado at Boulder was requested not only by the Philosophy Department, but also by the Dean and the Provost.

(9) A discussion concerned with the Office of Discrimination and Harassment, along with, first of all, an article that is critical of the Office of Discrimination and Harassment, and then, second, a newspaper article about an issue that has recently arisen concerning that office. I have also posted a letter that I received from that office, dealing with any complaints that have been made against me since I arrived at the University of Colorado in 1992.

The Documents