Walter Taylor

Map showing 54-th Avenue and Pike Street in Golden. Herb and Kiki's house is at 5480 Pike Street, the third house north of that intersection, on the east side of Pike Street. Use the buttons provided to zoom out and see a larger-scale map. Please note that although the address is nominally in Golden, those coming from the north (e.g. from Boulder) should not pass anywhere close to the actual town of Golden! One recommended route is 93 (South Broadway), left on highway 72, right on Indiana. Heading south on Indiana, one jogs about a halfmile west on 64-th Avenue, over to Macintyre. Continue south ten blocks on Macintyre to 54-th Avenue.

directions airport to downtown boulder

Map for 18-th and Athens, Press the minus button to zoom out.

Math 5150, Spring 2001

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