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Working Papers

"Ethnic Attrition, Assimilation, and the Measured Health Outcomes of Mexican Americans" (with Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo). August 2015. Revised and Resubmitted, Demography.

"For Want of a Cup: The Rise of Tea in England and the Impact of Water Quality on Economic Development."  February 2016.  Revision Requested, Review of Economics and Statistics

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"The Long-Run Impacts of Mexican-American School Desegregation" (with Kalena E. Cortes).  Preliminary draft, October 2017.

Work in Progress

"Immigration Raids and Worker Engagement" (with Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes).

"Marriage and Gender Norms" (with Priti Kalsi and Soohyung Li).

"Does Diversity in Academia Generate Diversity in Research? Evidence from the Dissertation Projects of Underrepresented Groups" Grant Proposal most recently submitted Nov. 2011.