Skepticism & the Veil of Perception
Ethical Intuitionism
The Problem of Political Authority
Approaching Infinity



Probability & Coherence


Critique of "The Objectivist Ethics"
Against Equality
Against Equality and Priority
Lexical Priority & the Problem of Risk


Political Irrationality
America's Unjust Drug War
Statistics on the Costs of Government
The Theory of Economic Value
Is There a Right to Own a Gun?
Is There a Right to Immigrate?
Gun Rights and Noncompliance


A Proof of Free Will
Quantum Mechanics for Philosophers
Why I Am Not an Objectivist
Why Relativity and QM Are False
Student Evaluations
Guide to Writing


“The Irrationality of Politics” (TEDx video).
“The Evolution of Values” (TEDx video).
“The Illusion of Authority” (video lecture).
“The Duty to Disregard the Law” (webinar video).
“The Case for Open Borders” (video lecture).
“The Problem with Political Authority” (video lecture).
“Is America Run by Special Interests?” (video lecture).
“Defending Libertarianism: The Common Sense Approach” (video lecture).
“The Psychology of Authority” (video lecture).
“Can Constitutions Limit Government?”, Q&A (video lecture).
Huemer-Epstein Debate on Anarchy.
Huemer-Gaston Debate on Religion: Part 1 | Part 2.


Interview on gun control, Ted Kopel.
Interview on The Problem of Political Authority, Tom Woods Show.
Interview on TPPA, New Books in Philosophy.
Interview on TPPA, Independence Institute.
Interview on TPPA, Bad Quaker dot com.
Interview on TPPA,
Interview on infinity, on Patterson in Pursuit.
Interview on vegetarianism, on Patterson in Pursuit.
Interview on direct realism & skepticism, on Who Shaves the Barber?.

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