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University of Colorado




Wolfgang Keller


Curriculum Vitae










Curriculum Vitae

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University of Colorado-Boulder, Department of Economics


Stanford Calderwood Chair, 2011 – present




National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA


Research Associate, 2003 – present




Centre for Economic Policy Research, London


Research Fellow, 2003 – present




Ifo Institute, Munich


Research Affiliate, 2010 – present







Stanford University


Visiting Professor, 2013 – 2014




University of Colorado-Boulder


Professor, 2008 – 2011


Associate Professor, 2005 – 2008




University of Texas-Austin


Associate Professor, 2003 – 2005


Assistant Professor, 1998 – 2003




University of Wisconsin-Madison


Assistant Professor, 1995 – 1998




Princeton University


Visiting Professor, 2010 – 2011




International Monetary Fund, Research Department


Visiting Scholar, Fall 2003




Consultant, The World Bank, 2001, 2005 –2009




Special Sworn Employee, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2008 – present







Hoover Institution, Stanford University


National Fellow, 2013 – 2014




International Economic Section, Princeton University


Peter B. Kenen Fellow, 2010 – 2011




Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, Germany


Humboldt Research Prize Winner, 2014






Top 0.8% of authors, Rank 290 on RePEc/Ideas                                    By number of citations adjusted for co-authors and age








Yale University, Ph.D. in Economics, 1995




University of Freiburg, Diploma in Economics, 1990





The Gravity of Knowledge, American Economic Review, June 2013, (with Stephen R. Yeaple)




Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution, American Economic Review, September 2007 (with Carol H. Shiue)



Geographic Localization of International Technology Diffusion, American Economic Review, March 2002



International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Technology Spillovers, Handbook of the Economics of Innovation, edited by B. Hall and N. Rosenberg, Elsevier North-Holland, 2010




On Theories Explaining the Success of the Gravity Equation, Journal of Political Economy, 2002 (with Simon J. Evenett)




Trade and the Transmission of Technology, Journal of Economic Growth, 2002 (Lead Article)




Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Firm-level Evidence from the United States, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2009 (with Stephen R. Yeaple)




International Technology Diffusion, Journal of Economic Literature, 2004




The Origins of Spatial Interaction, Journal of Econometrics, 2007 (with Carol H. Shiue)




Pollution Abatement Costs and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to the U.S. States, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2002 (with Arik M. Levinson)




Are International R&D Spillovers Trade-Related? Analyzing Spillovers among Randomly Matched Trade Partners, European Economic Review 1998




Absorptive Capacity: On the Creation and Acquisition of Technology in Development, Journal of Development Economics, 1996




Shanghai’s Trade, China’s Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change Since the Opium War, IMF Economic Review 2013 (with Ben Li and Carol H. Shiue)




Technology Transfer Through Imports, Canadian Journal of Economics, 2009 (with Ram Acharya)




China’s Foreign Trade: Perspectives From the Past 150 Years, The World Economy, 2011 (with Ben Li and Carol H. Shiue)




Openness and Industrial Responses in a Wal-Mart World: A Case Study of Mexican Soaps, Detergents and Surfactant Producers, The World Economy, 2008 (with Beata Javorcik-Smarzynska and James Tybout)




Transfer of Technology, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, edited by L. Blume and S. Durlauf, Macmillan, 2008




Convergence and Polarization in Global Income Levels: A Review of Recent Results on the Role of International Technology Diffusion, Research Policy, 2003 (with Guan Gong)




Do Trade Patterns and Technology Flows Affect Productivity Growth?, World Bank Economic Review, 2000




From Socialist Showcase to Mezzogiorno? Lessons on the Role of Technical Change from East Germany’s Post-World War II Performance, Journal of Development Economics, 2000




Market Integration and Economic Development: A Long-Run Comparison, Review of Development Economics, 2007 (with Carol H. Shiue)




The Evolution of Domestic Trade Flows When Foreign Trade is Liberalized: Evidence from the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, in Institutions and Comparative Economic Development, edited by M. Aoki, forthcoming (with Ben Li and Carol H. Shiue)




Technology Flows Between Industries: Identification and Productivity Effects, Economic Systems Research, 1997






The Trade Impact of the Zollverein, CEPR Discussion Paper # 9387 (with Carol H. Shiue), revised and resubmitted, Journal of Economic History




International Business Travel: An Engine of Innovation?, CEPR Discussion Paper # 7829 (with Nune Hovhannisyan), revise-and-resubmit, Journal of Economic Growth



The Link between Fundamentals and Proximate Factors in Development, NBER Working Paper # 18808 (with Carol H. Shiue)




Supplier Responses to Wal-Mart’s Invasion of Mexico, NBER # 17204, (with Leo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik, and James Tybout)




Global Production and Trade in the Knowledge Economy, NBER Working Paper # 14626 (with Stephen Yeaple)




Estimating the Productivity Selection and Technology Spillover Effects of Imports, NBER Working Paper # 14079 (with Ram Acharya)




Technology Diffusion and the World Distribution of Income, manuscript, 2002




Knowledge Spillovers at the World’s Technology Frontier, CEPR Discussions Paper # 2815




Bilateral Trade in a Multilateral World with Imperfect Specialization, manuscript, 1998







Capital Markets and Colonialism in Late Imperial China (with Carol H. Shiue)




Innovation Responses to Import Competition (with Leo Iacovone and Ferdinand Rauch)




The Private and Social Returns to R&D in the Age of Offshoring (with Stephen R. Yeaple)







Trading, Institutions, Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (with Carol H. Shiue), U.S. National Science Foundation, 2011 – 2014




What Explains Modern Economic Growth? New Evidence from a Comparison of China and Europe in the 18th Century (with Carol H. Shiue),  U.S. National Science Foundation, 2005 –2011




Multinational Entry, Firm Productivity, and Technology Spillovers (with Beata Smarzynska-Javorcik and James Tybout), The World Bank, 2005 – 2008




How Does Economic Integration Affect Technology Diffusion and the Spatial Distribution of Productivity Growth?, U.S. National Science Foundation, 1999 – 2002



PRESENTATIONS (incl. scheduled)




2014: UC San Diego, Stanford

2013: Oregon, CEPR Economic History Symposium, UCLA, CURE Regional & Urban Conference, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz




2012: World Trade Organization, Shanghai Macro Conference, Oxford (2x), University of Zurich, Asian Economic History Meetings (Tokyo), Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Asia Pacific Trade Seminar (Singapore)




2011: Princeton, NBER Productivity Spring Conference, London School of Economics Econ, London School of Economics Econ History, CESifo Munich Trade Conference




2010: Penn State, Georgetown, Columbia, NBER Summer Institute, CEPR-GIST Ljubljana Conference, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Science and Technology University







Graduate Courses: International Trade and Investment, Economic Development, Macroeconomics




Undergraduate Courses: International Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics







Associate Editor, Journal of International Economics, 2002 to 2008










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