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30 April 2006
  • Major overhaul! Deleted resume and Java applet section. Replaced Stevie Nicks page with Writings page. Drastically revised links page. Changed introductory text. Probably some other stuff I've forgotten about.
6 April 2006
  • Added still more content to the catch-all IF Essays portion of >VERBOSE.
26 February 2006
  • Added some more content to the catch-all IF Essays portion of >VERBOSE.
19 February 2006
  • Added hyperlinks to the 1996 comp game reviews.
  • Finally finally finally removed a few dead links from the links page and updated some text to acknowledge that I did in fact write a third Earth And Sky game and that I'm no longer the editor of SPAG. Really, the whole page desperately needs a much more thorough overhaul than that, but at least now the band-aid is in place.
8 January 2005
21 November 2004
  • Put up rough versions of the 2004 comp game reviews. I'm currently swamped under a boatload of other people's reviews, preparations for the SPAG comp issue, a flood of email, etc., so it may be a while before any acknowledgement of Luminous Horizon appears on these pages.
11 January 2004
30 September 2003
25 September 2003
17 September 2003
  • Added 3 "Really Late Reviews" of graphic adventure games to the IF Essays section.
  • Removed some never-was-that-funny-to-begin-with text from the front page.
25 November 2002
21 November 2002
20 November 2002
17 November 2002
24 November 2001
18 November 2001
7 May 2001
28 January 2001
24 January 2001
11 December 2000
  • Cleaned up screwy formatting in text table of comp reviews.
10 December 2000
  • Eliminated link rot in 1998 comp game reviews. (Actually, I apparently did this in May, but forgot to add it to this page. Oops. Well, now they're really up to date.)
4 December 2000
19 November 2000
30 September 2000
17 September 2000
7 August 2000
  • Site updated with Release 11 of LASH.
3 August 2000
  • Spruced up the LASH page with some new graphics, review excerpts, and rewritten text.
21 July 2000
20 July 2000
  • Added banner and buttons to IF Page. Also rewrote the introductory text to that page, slightly updated some other things, added a splash of color here and there, and changed its name to >VERBOSE.
15 July 2000
  • Updated and slightly rewrote résumé.
4 July 2000
  • Added banner and buttons to About Me page.
30 June 2000
  • Added banner and buttons to What's New page.
25-28 June 2000
  • Redesigned front page to include a table layout for graphical browsers (text links are still present!), new opening text, and some spiffy new graphics. Hey, I had to justify buying Photoshop somehow!.
  • If by some wild chance you're reading this and you have an opinion about the new design, don't hesitate to let me know.
  • The rest of the site will get the redesign treatment too, just as soon as I find the time and motivation to do so.
18 June 2000
22 March 2000
15 November 1999
22 April 1999
  • Added the ImpLunch Schedule Page, which will be updated regularly. Updates to the ImpLunch page will not be listed on this page, as that gets pretty monotonous. I will put something here if I decide to stop updating the ImpLunch page.
19 April 1999
  • Added a link to Mozo Is Here, my new Imagine Radio station.
8 April 1999
  • Expanded and updated the links page.
  • That's probably the last of the updates for a while -- I'm getting back to work on LASH. As always, however, contact me if you have a question or comment about anything on the page.
6 April 1999
  • Added graphics and some fancy formatting to the Stevie page.
  • Added Enchanted 7/21/98, a review of the Denver date in Stevie's Enchanted tour.
5 April 1999
4 April 1999
3 April 1999
  • Removed the rotted link to my java applets and replaced it with a local one.
  • Wrote up pages for the java applets.
2 April 1999
  • Changed the text version of my resume to match the newly rewritten fancy one.
  • Updated the link to the 5th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.
  • Added the "What's New" page.
  • Changed lots of occurrences of my email address to replace @ with "at." Will this decrease my spam? Don't know, but it's worth a try.
1 April 1999
  • Rewrote resume, updating job experience and education information. Despite the date I made these changes, all updates are true.
31 March 1999
  • Decided I didn't like all that junk on the main page and moved most of the verbosity to an "About Me" page.
  • Added lots of links to the bio information.
30 March 1999
  • Rewrote main page greeting to a more verbose & detailed form.

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