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We are still a very young group with lot’s of room for expansion! If you like to complement our current skills, feel free to stop by or contact me.
Undergraduate research:

CU offers several programs (such as UROP, or REU) that might help you to participate in one of our research projects. Undergraduate students are always very welcome to see what we are doing and I am more than happy to explain our experiments and research plans to you. Please do not hesitate to stop by or contact me by e-mail (see below). You might also work on one of our projects for a while to figure out if this is the right thing for you. (That’s actually the way I got into this field. And after all that time I still love it!)
Honor-thesis students welcome!

Graduate research:
If you are planning to pursue a career in optics and you find interest in our current projects I will be looking forward to your application.  Absolute requirements for being successful as a grad student in this lab are: Enthusiasm, curiosity and a desire for interdisciplinary work.

Postdoctoral research associate:
If you are interested in joining our lab do not hesitate to contact me. Requirements for a successful applicant are a strong background in optics, photonics, ultrafast physics, precision metrology or related fields. Strong enthusiasm for what you are doing is a must!

Senior research associates:
Sorry, currently no openings at this level.

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