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     Group Members

   Group Leader:

Thomas R. Schibli
, e-mail:
After obtaining a Diploma degree in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in my hometown, Zurich, Switzerland. I did graduate and post doc work at the University of Karlsruhe, in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the National Metrology Laboratory of Japan (NMIJ/AIST) in Tsukuba, Japan and at JILA in Boulder Colorado. I'm delighted to be here at CU. It offers great minds, a great infrastructure, and a perfect environment in which to work!


   Postdoctoral Associates:
How about you?
Postdoctoral Associates with enthusiasm and a strong background in ultrafast physics and/or applied optics are more than welcome to apply for a position in our group.


   Graduate Students:

Chien-Chung Lee, e-mail:
I graduated from the National Taiwan University in 2007 receiving my BS in physics. As an undergraduate I studied laser stabiliztion and two-photon absorption in IAMS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. I joined Prof. Schibli's group in 2009. I like Boulder, it is a great place for both, research and being out enjoying the mountains.

Wanyan Xie, e-mail:
I received my Physics from Sichuan University in 2010, which is in the same city where I grew up. I joined Prof. Schibli's group in the summer of 2011. Currently and in the future, I will work on the construction of mode-locked-mini laser using graphene as the saturable absorber.
I like the environment and the way of life in Boulder .

   Undergraduate Students:
Nathan Keschl, e-mail:
CU honors student. Partially funded through UROP.
As part of his honors thesis Nathan is developing improved CVD recipes for our graphene synthesis. He has also built a new characterization tool that allows us to characterize the non-linear properties of graphene.


  K-12 Students:
Eric Dattore, e-mail:
Eric is working on a new technique to transfer single atomic layer graphene from a copper surface to optical substrates. His method is based on an electro-chemical process as opposed to the standard chemical wet-etching technique.

   Former Graduate Students:

Seiya Suzuki, e-mail:
NIMS/NNIN REU program Summer 2011.
Seiya is a visiting student from the Graduate School of Engineering, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan. He is working on graphene-based ultrafast electro-optical modulators.

   Former Undergraduate Students:

Jacob Rothenberg, e-mail:
NNIN REU program Summer 2012.
Jacob was working on top-gated graphene electro-optic modulators. Despite the challanging process, he succeeded to develop a thin-film deposition process that would not harm graphene. He created a series of working electro-optic modulators on glass substrates.

Qiaoxuan Zhang, e-mail: Qiaoxuan.Zhang_at_Colorado.EDU
Qiaoxuan was a physics major international student from China. He came to Boulder in 2009 and joined our lab in fall 2011. He worked on a rapidly scanning Michelson interferometer for optical cross-corelation measurements.

Jonah M. Miller, e-mail: Jonah.Miller_at_Colorado.EDU
CU honors student. Partially funded through UROP.
I am a physics and math major. I previously worked on optimizing the growth of single atomic layer graphene on copper surfaces by chemical vapor deposition and their transfer onto arbitrary substrates. I am studying the effects of the environment on the damage process of graphene induced by ultrafast laser pulses. Jonah successfully defended his thesis in Nov. 2011.

Linna Jade Cooley, e-mail: Linna.Cooley_at_Colorado.EDU
Jade was investigating the effect of chemical doping of graphene on its  ultrafast optical properties and she worked on new method for characterizing the as-grown graphene quality using an optical microscope. Jade Graduated in Dec. 2011.

Jeffrey A. Hart, e-mail:
NNIN REU program
Summer 2011.
Jeffrey was working on large-area, free-standing graphene films for probing the intrinsic ultrafast electron dynamics. 

Brian Benton, e-mail:
NNIN REU program
Summer 2010. Brian was working on electrooptic devices based on single atomic layer graphene on silicon wafers. These devices were used to investigate quantum interference control of ballistic photocurrents and might serve as nonlinear photodetectors for optical frequency comb generators.

David B. Miller, e-mail: David.B.Miller_at_Colorado.EDU
CU honors student
. Partially funded through UROP.
David was an engineering physics and applied math major. He graduated with honors in physics based on his thesis on "Quality Factor Optimization in Micro Optical Cavities." David joned the Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Erin Stranford, e-mail:
REU student
Summer 2009. Erin built a computer controlled fiber tapering setup that is now in use in our lab. Erin joined the graduate school at Cornell.

Peng Chen, e-mail: Peng.Chen_at_Colorado.EDU
UROP assistantship. Work on programmable digital delays with sub-ps jitter.

Noah Fisher, e-mail: Noah.Fisher_at_Colorado.EDU
UROP assistantship. Work on programmable digital delays with sub-ps jitter.

Matthew Graeff, e-mail: Matthew.Graeff_at_Colorado.EDU
UROP assistantship.
Work on time-of-flight ranging.

Behrad.Kheyri, e-mail: Behrad.Kheyri_at_Colorado.EDU
UROP assistantship. Work on time-of-flight ranging.

Joseph D. Gamble, e-mail: Joseph.Gamble_at_Colorado.EDU
UROP Summer assistantship
Joseph Gamble was working on an Er:Yb:glass laser for time resolved spectroscopy on semiconductor thin-films.

Former K-12 Teachers:

Cory Gaines, e-mail:
Summer 2012.
Mr. Gaines from Arrupe Jesuit High School in Denver conducted a systematic study on the influence of the graphene CVD growth conditions on the resulting graphene quality. His study led to a better control of our CVD process.

Former K-12 Students:

Elvin Park, e-mail:
Summer 2011.
Elvin is studying the production of single atomic layer graphene using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) on copper surfaces.

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