Covers pulled up.
Love-worn rabbit in my arms.
My bed paradise.

Baby's soft, white crib,
haven of morning giggles,
provides a safe home.

Toys surrounding her,
our baby girl is happy
in her crib playground.

A few days in bed,
a hothouse for happy germs.
I long for freedom.

Painful memories.
Clasping the end of my bed,
the switch finds its home.

Supporting our love,
bed is the sacred alter
where the self is lost.

Graceful curves shine
in moonlight's lovely glow.
My bed's madonna.

Nested on my bed,
enjoying the sun's warmth,
cat in fearless sleep.

Two morning surprises,
squealing children fill our bed.
A tangle of love.

In familiar bed,
hands reaching into the light.
Soul blossoms tonight.


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