In silence, alone,
I feel my heart and wonder
at the miracle.

Lost in the darkness,
we miss the chance of running through the happy light.

Hate cannot exist
within the same moment
as a beautiful song.

We can't resist it.
When we laugh at life's folly,
our heart is singing.

Dancing on the wind,
happy feet above the earth.
Life is a playground.

Human gardening--
putting smiles on sad faces,
helping others grow.

A lump of red clay
waiting for inspiration.
Naive hands reach out.

Caring gardeners.
Lovely gardens whispering
"You reap what you sow."

Golden aspen leaves
swept along on rushing water.
Happy children play.

Ten fingers, two hands,
taken-for-granted wonders,
move without coaxing.

Water flows gently.
Downy wool on a new lamb.
A heart softening.

Children playing games.
Hide and seek and kick the can.
An old man skipping.

Tears, moist emotions.
A lost love, fond memories,
joy in good fortune.

No night and no day,
only nature's single breath.
The eternal now.


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