When I breathe, God breathes.
When I move, God is moving.
We dance together.

Bow down before the
shrine of each moment, for life
is God singing us.

God sees as we see,
quietly moves as we move.
No "I" and no "God."

In the silent grass,
in morning's colored light,
God's pulse is beating.

The veil falls away
to show God's perfection.
My new eyes bow down.

God's heart touches me,
like sun heats cold river stone, warming me with love.

Real reality!
All moments belong to God.
Everything is God.

Divisions seem real,
but they are a false picture
of God's unity.

No night and no day,
only God's single breath.
The eternal now.

Soft light from the soul
brings life to her passive face.
A smile wants to bloom.

Prayers are good wishes
rising up to the realm of


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