Published by Oxford University Press in Fall 2006. As with Modern Logic, below, I did the typesetting myself. So far as I can see, there is only one typesetting gaffe, though unfortunately, it greets the reader early on, namely, in the Table of Contents, which I reproduce (minus gaffe) here. I've also prefaced the Preface to this file, since some people have told me that towards the end it gets interesting. This is the toned-down version -- OUP wondered if Draft 1 was actionable!

The Press's page for the book on its US website is here, and on its UK website, here.

Modern Logic, Oxford University Press, 1994. A textbook in logic. The third printing corrects the vast majority of typos, slips and mistakes in the first printing, and the fourth printing (summer 1999) eliminated a good portion of the remainder. So far as I know. I still have a small handful of minor corrections to make next time I get the chance to produce new proofs.

Material related to this book, including TOC and sample chapters, may be found by clicking here.

Languages of Possibility, Basil Blackwell, April 1989. Volume 9 in the Aristotelian Society Monograph Series. There are reviews in The Philosophical Quarterly (1990) 271-3; The Journal of Symbolic Logic 56 (March 1991) 351-52; and The Philosophical Review 103 (1994) 139-142.

The Metaphysics of Modality, Oxford University Press, Clarendon Library of Logic and Philosophy series, May 1985. Now out of print, but an e-version is available here. The main reviews which appeared were in Mind (1986) 135-8; Philosophical Books (1986) 65-72; The Philosophical Review (1988) 127-31; The Journal of Philosophy (1988) 329-37; Noûs (1988) No.3; The Philosophical Quarterly 38 (1988) 365-70; and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1990) 615-619.

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