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It's been quite a week.

Was it just two nights ago that you found the suits? You were searching through your parents' lab as usual, desperate for clues to explain their recent disappearance, when you found a latch on one of the machines. It opened, revealing two bodysuits crammed inside. One fit you perfectly. The other seemed to be made for your sister Emily. Hers, the "skysuit", gives her the power to fly, to generate thick fog, and to fire blasts of intense electrical energy, while your "earthsuit" has granted you the strength of a giant, and the invulnerability of a mountain.

The powers came in handy the next morning, when your parents' best friend, Dr. Nina Icolari, found herself transformed into a raging, hundred-foot-tall monster. Aunt Nina had been working with some ancient bacteria, trapped for eons in a salt crystal, when an untimely earthquake shattered the crystal. She inhaled the microbes, became a behemoth, and only the power of your suits and your brains saved the campus from destruction.

You employed a fast-acting antibiotic to reverse the transformation, and when she changed back, Aunt Nina realized that her memories of your parents' disappearance had been mysteriously altered... and that the trauma of metamorphosis had somehow restored them. Those memories have led you here, to a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevadas. Here, you hope that where the police have failed, Earth and Sky may succeed.

Another Earth, Another Sky is a piece of interactive fiction (IF). If that term means nothing to you, you might want to see an explanation of how to use this kind of software. Excellent introductions to IF have been written by Adam Cadre and Mike Roberts.

The other thing you need to know about Another Earth, Another Sky is that it is a "story file" which requires the use of an "interpreter program". These two components are roughly analogous to a videotape and a VCR, respectively. The interpreter for Another Earth, Another Sky is has the tongue-breaking name GLULXE, and is available for several different platforms here.

Once you've downloaded your interpreter, click here to download the Another Earth, Another Sky story file. Remember to download this file in binary format, which in most browsers means right-click and choose "Save Link As" (or the closest equivalent) from the pop-up menu.

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