Pasnau in Progress (May 2018)


Forthcoming Papers

"Belief in a Fallen World" (Res Philosophica, forthcoming in a special issue on the philosophy of religion)

In an ideal epistemic world, our beliefs would correspond to our evidence, and our evidence would be bountiful. In the world we live in, however, if we wish to live meaningful lives, other epistemic strategies are necessary. Here I attempt to work out, systematically, the ways in which evidentialism fails us as a guide to belief. This is so preeminently for lives of a religious character, but the point applies more broadly.


Work in Progress

I am in the early stages of research into what I hope will be a book on voluntarism in the fourteenth century. The goal is to look very widely at the many aspects of voluntarism, as it concerns not just the scholastic debate over free will but also in ethics, politics, and literature.

I am also at work on various projects in recent epistemology, and I continue to study my Arabic!


Unpublished Papers

"Philosophical Beauty"

Does philosophy make progress? If so, why bother studying its history? The answer I offer here is that we should study it because it is beautiful. Written for the 2011 PhilProgress symposium at Harvard.


Unpublished Translations

Unpublished Texts and Notes