Links related to our current projects

Quantum Dynamics and Solid State NMR

Rich Shoemaker's pages for the CU NMR Spectroscopy Facility in Cristol Chemistry.

Web site for the Rocky Mountain Regional 900 MHz and W.M. Keck 800 MHz spectrometers.

Introductory text on NMR on NMR by Josef Hornak at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Text on structure determination by NMR by Hans Reich at the University of Wisconsin.

NMR periodic table by Roy Hoffman at Hebrew University.

Theoretical Spin Dynamics Group of Ilya Kuprov at the University of Southampton. Includes pages for the Spinach spin simulator and Kuprov's excellent YouTube lectures.

Web site of James Keeler's group at Cambridge and a YouTube channel with his lectures.

Rocky Mountain Conference on NMR.

ENC, the main experimental NMR conference in the US.

Flute Acoustics

University of New South Wales flute acoustics site.

Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Pages.