Research in the CU Phonetics Lab uses phonetic and psycholinguistic experimental methods to investigate systematic variation in the sound properties of speech and the perceptual and communicative consequences of such variation. We are particularly interested in ways in which that variation is constrained or conditioned by communicative or representational factors.

Ongoing work looks at:

  • perception of neighborhood-conditioned phonetic variation (currently looking at nasal coarticulation and hyperarticulation)
  • production of neighborhood-conditioned phonetic variation (currently looking at coarticulatory nasality in languages with contrastive vowel nasality, particularly French and soon Portuguese)
  • description of contrastive and non-contrastive nasality in Lakota and French
  • identification of acoustic cues to nasality

In addition, members of the lab pursue a variety of other projects shaped by their individual interests.

The lab is located in Hellems 287B. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at CU and would like to become involved in this work as a volunteer research assistant, please send email to If you are local and would like to participate in one of our studies as a subject, please send an email to

Lab Members

Rebecca Scarborough

Rebecca Scarborough (Lab Director)


Will Styler (PhD student and sometimes Research Assistant)

Will specializes in vowels, vowel perception, acoustics, spectral measures of vowel properties, and computational modification of sounds and sound characteristics. He also spends more time than healthy scripting in Praat and Python, and has a deep love for string instruments and open source software.

Luciana Marques

Luciana Marques (PhD student and sometimes Research Assistant)

Kate Phelps

Kate Phelps (PhD student)

Fahad Alrashed

Fahad Alrashed (MA student)

Georgia Zellou

Georgia Zellou (PhD, 2012) - now Asst. Prof., University of California, Davis