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The Kralj Lab is a member of the BioFrontiers program at the University of Colorado - Boulder, and is housed in the Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology department.  

Our lab is focused on developing and using optical tools to study biology at unexplored scales with high precision.  We are especially interested in performing genome wide screens of electrophysiology as they relate to human health.  However, we study a variety of biological systems from molecules to cells to organisms.  We are also always interested in new and exciting avenues of science.

Current research programs include:

            Bacterial electrophysiology

            Expression of rhodopsins in yeast


2017-09-15    Congrats to Thomas and Sowmya for being named BSI Scholars!

2017-09-05    David Englehardt is rotating from MCDB.  Dave will work on extracting RNA from unusual geometries.  Welcome Dave!  We also welcome Sowmya Dhanwada, an MCDB undergrad, who will be working to evolve better sensors.  Welcome Sowmya!

2017-08-15    Giancarlo is awarded an HHMI Gilliam Fellowship!  Congratulations Giancarlo!   It Is covered in the Daily Camera!

2017-08-14    Giancarlo's paper is published in PNAS.  All that time poking bacteria has finally paid off.  Congrats Giancarlo!  

2017-05-21    Thomas Yao will be joining us as a BSI-scholar for the summer.  Thomas will work to connect voltage transients and metabolism in bacteria.  Welcome Thomas!

2017-05-01    Brad Prythero (MCDB) takes the plunge and joins the Kralj lab.  Brad will be looking deeper into bacterial electrophysiology.  Welcome Brad!

2017-02-21    Looking for a postdoc?  Look at the Kralj lab.  We're searching for a postdoc reasercher with experience in fluorescent imaging or optogenetics.

2016-10-04    Multiple celebrations - Giancarlo wins the best talk at the StARS conference, and the lab gets a New Innovator Award from the NIH!

2016-08-24    Welcome to Brad (MCDB) and Elise (IQbio), two rotation students in the Kralj lab!  They will get their feet wet playing with some E. coli.

2016-06-16    Welcome to Andrew Weekley!  Andrew comes from NREL, and will try to help us make sense of the crazy bacteria.

2016-04-15     Welcome to Graycen Wheeler, a biochem rotator.  Graycen will explore calcium in cancer.

2016-02-01    Congratulations to Giancarlo, who passes the comprehensive exams!  Finally, back to the good stuff (data)!

2016-01-11    Welcome to Kelsie Anson, a Biochem rotator.  Kelsie will be working to extend bacterial electrophysiology in fun new directions.

2015-11-10    Welcome to Andrew Blumenfeld, an MCDB rotator.  Andrew will be working to understand what is happening to voltage in bacteria.

2015-09-05     Welcome to Ellis Aune, a bioengineering undergrad.  She will work with Anjali developing new high-throughput calcium assays.  
Thanks Eric for all your hard work over the summer.  We will think of you everytime we label something.

2015-06-17    Congratulations to Giancarlo on his NIH Biophysics training award.

2015-06-01    Welcome to Anjali Rao who joins as the first official Postdoc.  

2015-05-18    Welcome to Eric Burn who will work in the lab during the summer!

2015-05-08    Giancarlo takes the plunge and joins as the first official Kralj Lab grad student.                                                                           Good luck to us both!

2015-04-13    Joel is named a Searle Scholar!  We look forward to delving into the strange world of bacterial electrophysiogy!

2014-10-15    Welcome to Ben Dodd as the lab tech.  Now we just have to set up the lab.