Welcome to the Nonlinear Mechanics Lab at CU-Boulder!

Our research interest is in the broad area of nonlinear mechanics of soft materials and flexible structures. We combine experimental testing with theoretical and computational modeling, aiming towards advancing our knowledge in the complex nonlinear behaviors of soft materials and flexible structures. We are also interested in exploring new applications of novel soft material systems. In the past we have worked on a diverse range of research projects in solid mechanics and biomechanics. These include fracture mechanics of soft elastomers, continuum mechanics modeling of adaptable polymers with dynamic bonds, characterization of three-dimensional (3D) mechanical tractions of biological cells, adhesive contact mechanics of thin membranes, mechanics of bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives, and adhesion in biological systems. For a list of current research topics, please visit our Research page.

Many of our previous projects were completed in collaboration with researchers in other disciplines such as chemical engineering, materials science, and biomedical engineering. We certainly welcome new collaboration opportunities and any talented individuals interested in joining our adventure!

Our lab is located in ECME 1B80 of the Engineering Center at CU-Boulder campus


Rong Long
ECME 273, Engineering Center
University of Colorado Boulder
Email: Rong.LongATcolorado.edu
Phone: 303-492-3295
Fax: 303-492-3498


02/14/2018 Rong received an NSF CAREER Award to study the fracture mechanics of soft dissipative materials. We are excited and look forward to this study. Many thanks to NSF for the support!

01/26/2018 A new paper in collaboration with Dr. Madalyn Kern and Prof. Mark Rentschler is accepted by Mechanics of Materials!

01/19/2018 Rong attended the Gordon Research Conference on Multifunctional Materials and Structures at Ventura CA and presented a poster.

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