MCEN 5023/ASEN 5012       Solid Mechanics I   syllabus (Fall 2017)          
This course covers tensor analysis, deformation and strain measurements, stress and its relation to force and moment, the basic principles of equilibrium, geometric compatibility, and material behaviors.

MCEN 4183/5183       Mechanics of Composite Materials   syllabus (Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018)          
Composite materials offer advantageous material properties such as high strength, high stiffness, and low density, and thus are widely applied in many industrial areas, including aircraft, automotive, marine, wind energy, infrastructure, armor, and biomedical applications. This course starts with a brief review on the fundamentals of solid mechanics and then introduce the concepts required to analyze composite materials. Topics to be discussed include: elasticity and strength of composites, failure analysis, uni-directional lamina and multi-directional laminate, hygrothermal effects.

MCEN 2043                       Dynamics   syllabus (Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2017, Fall 2017)          
This course covers dynamic behavior of particle systems and rigid bodies; planar kinematics and kinetics; impulse, momentum, potential, and kinetic energy; and work, collision.

MECE 250                         Engineering Mechanics II   syllabus (Spring 2014 at University of Alberta)          
This course covers basic concepts and analysis methods for planar kinematics and kinetics of a rigid body and related subjects on work and energy, impulse and momentum, plus vibration of simple mechanical systems and planar rigid bodies.

MECE 380                         Advanced Strength of Materials I   syllabus (Fall 2013 at University of Alberta)          
This courses introduce advanced stress/strain analysis methods to examine the load carrying capacity of various structures. Topics include multi-axial stress and strain state and tranformation, linear elasticity, thermal stresses, stress concentration, failure criteria, energy method, advanced topics for beam bending and torsion.