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On this page we provide some of the software we created as part of our research. All software is provided as is with no warranty of any kind, including the warranty of design, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All software is provided under the GNU Lesser PUBLIC LICENSE. By downloading software from this page means that you agree to these terms and to the copyright on all the materials. All software based on Qt is subject to their terms as well.
TaperSimulator V 0.01

This little program simulates the creation of a fiber taper. Heat is provided to the fiber by a CO2 laser that scans along the fiber. While the fiber is being pulled (pull length 'x') the length of the hot zone is varied according to a polynomial function represented by L0+L1x+L2x^2 etc. The resulting taper is displayed along with the taper radius, maximum angle and taper length.

V0.01 for Windows™ 32 Bit with Qt runtime (6MB)
V0.01 for Windows™ 32 Bit w/o Qt runtime (307kB)
V0.01 for Linux™ 32 Bit without Qt runtime (222kB)
V0.01 Source Code for Windows™, Linux™ & MAC™ (455kB)
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