Nano-enabled Energy Conversion, Storage and Thermal Management Systems (NEXT) Group

University of Colorado at Boulder


Director: Dr. Ronggui Yang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Office Location: ECME 279, Engineering Center

Student Office: ECME 219,

Student Labs: ECME 165, DLC 1B14, ECSL 111 & 113

Tel: 303-735-1003 (O); Fax: 303-492-3498


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·         An article reporting that Professor Ronggui Yang has been selected to serve as an Associate Editor for two journals: ASME Journal of Heat Transfer and Heat Transfer Research:

·         A Press Release in May 2016 by University of Colorado reporting an ARPA-E funded $1.8M project, led by Professor Ivan Smalyukh and Professor Ronggui Yang on developing transformational windows using liquid crystalline nanorod aerogels:

·         ARPA-E Announcement of its selection for the SHIELD (Single-Pane Highly Insulating Efficient Lucid Design) program (May 2016) where our technology is highlighted:

·         Professor Ronggui Yang is the lead Principle Investigator for the University of Colorado Boulder participation of the $171M Flexible Hybrid Electronics – Nanomanufacturing Innovation Institute (FHE-MII) led by Flex Tech Alliance.

The White House Press Release on the selection (August 28) can be found here:

US Department of Defense Press Release on the selection:

The organization of FHE-MII can be found here:

The University of Colorado Boulder will have a budget of $4M ($2M federal and $2M cost-sharing) over the coming 5 years to strengthen its efforts on flexible hybrid electronics, including packaging (barrier, power, and thermal management), innovative materials, and flexible bio-sensors.

·         A Press Release in August 2015 by University of Colorado reporting an ARPA-E funded $3M collaborative project between University of Colorado and University of Wyoming, led by Professor Ronggui Yang on developing transformational radiative cooling technologies for thermoelectric power plants:

Daily Camera:

·         An article in Yellow Scene on Boulder Fashion highlighting Professor Yang’s research (July 2015)

·         ARPA-E Announcement of its selection for the ARID (Advanced Research in Dry Cooling) program (May 2015) where our technology is highlighted:

·         A Press Release on a collaborative PNAS paper “Hot nanostructures cool faster when they are physically close together”:

Please check out the PNAS paper here:

·         A Press Release in February 2015 by University of Colorado on licensing Flexible Thermal Ground Planes to Kelvin Thermal Technologies, a new start-up Professor Y.C. Lee and Professor Ronggui Yang co-founded in June 2014:

Daily Camera:

Electronics Cooling:

·         A Press Release in January 2015 by Cornell University reporting an ARPA-E funded $3M collaborative project between Cornell University and University of Colorado, which incorporates CU’s thermal management technologies for advanced clothes:

·         Yang’s lab is part of University of Colorado team, one of the 10 teams selected by Google from > 100 proposals, for the Little Box Challenge award program designed to help support academics pursuing groundbreaking research in the area of increasing the power density for DC-­to­-AC power conversion. A Press Release by Google in December 2014:

·         ASME News about the ASME-Wide Micro and Nano Forum that is co-organized by Ronggui Yang during IMECE 2013 “Students Win Prizes, Refine Presentation Skills at the Society-Wide Micro and Nano Technology Forum”:

·         A Press Release in September 2013 titled “CU awarded $3.6 million for new way to produce magnesium for auto”  about a ARPA-E funded project: 

·         ASME Emerging Nano Newsletter summer 2013 inaugural issue highlights “Emerging Researcher: Ronggui Yang Explores Nanoscale Transport Phenomena”

·         A Press Release in October 2012 titled “UH collaborates to solve device overheating issues”

      by University of Houston highlighting a paper published in Nano Letters (Vol. 12, pp 3385–3390, 2012) led by me:

      “Professor Uses Nanowires to Cool Electronics”

      A follow-up news “Nanostructures May Solve Cooling Issues of Tiny Future Electronics” by

·         A Press Release in August 2012 titled “Grain boundary defects affect graphene's strength” by on our work published in Nature Materials:

·         JILA Report on Nature Materials paper:

·         August 18, 2010, ASME Press Release for the ASME Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer, “Ronggui Yang Honored for Contributions in the Heat Transfer Field”.

·         A Press Release by National Academy of Engineering for being selected to the NAE's 2009 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.

·         AFOSR Press Release for MIT Technology Review’s TR35 Award (September 08, 2008)

Engineer's energy research could cut costs, increase efficiency”


·         CU Press Release for MIT Technology Review’s TR35 Award (August 19, 2008):

            CU-Boulder Engineering Professor Named One of World's Top 35 Young Innovators”

      Speaker for Technology Review’s EmTech 2008 Conference:

Selected Media Reports:

·         Technology Review Profile for MIT Technology Review’s TR35 Award (August 19, 2008):

      “35 Innovators Under 35 - Technology Review presents its eighth annual list of leading young innovators.” In Sep/Oct 2008 issue of Technology Review:

      Selected Media Reports:


·         Feature Report on CU Homepage for July and August:

CU Special Report: Nanotechnology Research Blossoming at CU-Boulder (July 30th, 2008):

·         Graduate student Mark Siemens’ work on “Soft X-Ray Probe for Nanoscale Heat Transfer” was highlighted in the Physics Update of the monthly American Physical Society member magazine Physics Today in July 2008 issue, p.17 (July 2008)

·         Graduate student Mark Siemens’ work was highlighted as one of the 5 CLEO Technical News Summaries (May 2008):

·         CU Press Release for DARPA Thermal Ground Plane Project (May 7th, 2008)


            also appear at:

·         CU Engineering 2008, pp.16-17 “Novel Thermal Ground Plane to Improve Cooling in Electronic Devices” featured in the annual CU Engineering publication (March 2008).

·      CU Press Release for DARPA Young Faculty Award, (April 15, 2008)

also appeared in Denver Post:

·         November 2006, CU Technology Transfer Office awarded a Proof of Concept grant (POCg), $12,500 + $12,500 conditional, to facilitate the commercialization process of an on-going patent application (CU TTO News).

·         October 2006, Ronggui Yang’s SAE 2006 Congress paper on Thermoelectric Transport in Nanocomposites with Prof. Gang Chen at MIT was highlighted in the magazine of SAE International, Automotive Engineering International, page 42 October 2006.


·         February 2006, DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative program (DOD/MURI) announced that the UW-CU team (PI: Prof. Taya at the University of Washington, Ronggui Yang as one of the 9 co-PIs) won the $6M funding for the next 5 years (05/2006-05/2011) on “Energy Harvesting and Storage Systems and Their Integration to AF Aero Vehicles,” sponsored by Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR).

·         July 2005, Ronggui Yang received the InterPACK 2005 Best Research Paper Award (InterPACK stands for the ASME/Pacific Rim Technical Conference and Exhibition on Integration and Packaging of MEMS, NEMS, and Electronic Systems). Our paper is the only research paper awarded out of 500+ technical papers (MIT News).

·         June 2005, Ronggui Yang received the 2005 Goldsmid Award for Excellence in Research in Thermoelectrics by a Graduate Student from the International Thermoelectrics Society (ITS News).