Worlds of History and Economics Essays in Honour of Andrew M. Watson
(Valencia: Universitat de València, 2009)

This collection brings together eleven essays by friends, students and colleagues of Andrew M. Watson, Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto, best known for his seminal work, Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World (Cambrdige: 1983). Featuring scholars from Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, this broad collection reflects Prof. Watson's own wide-ranging interests and intellectual curiosity, from Visigothic Spain to nineteenth-century Canada, via Cruader Valencia, Muslim Granada, colonial India, and post-colonial Egypt.


  1. "Introduction" - Brian Catlos (University of California Santa Cruz)
  2. “Where and Why Money Was Struck in the Germanic Kingdoms” - Andrew Kurt (Grand Valley State University)
  3. “Mundo urbano y mundo rural en al-Andalus. El ejemplo de Madinat Ilbira" - Antonio Malpica Cuello (Universidad de Granada)
  4. “The ‘Cargo Manifest’ of a Pisan Galley, 1281" - John H. Pryor (University of Sydney, Australia)
  5. “Peasants Like the Others? Christian vs. Muslim Famers in the ‘Latin’ Kingdom of Valencia" - Josep Torró (Universitat de València)
  6. “Agua, Mezquitas y Estructura Social en la Granada Islámica (siglos XI–XV)" - Carmen Trillo (Universidad de Granada)
  7. Pastophoria and Altars: Interaction in Ethiopian Liturgy and Church Architecture" - Emmanuel Fritsch (CSSP) and Michael Gervers (University of Toronto)
  8. “’Works truly virtuous and useful’: Economic Rationality and Work Ideals in Early Shaker Texts" - Lisa M. Sullivan (Harvey Mudd College)
  9. “Values of British Imports from the United States, 1790-1820: Estimates and Independent Tests" - Javier Cuenca-Esteban (University of Waterloo)
  10. “’al-La’iha al-Wataniya:’ The Fiscal and Constitutional Program of Egypt’s Traditional Elites, 1879.  A Documentary and Contextual Analysis" - AbdelAziz EzzelArab (American University of Cairo, Egipto),
  11. “India and the Idea of Progress: The Case of Sir Alfred Lyall" - Margaret Macmillan (University of Toronto)
  12. "Agriculture, Space, and Scale: The Origins of Disparity in Nineteenth-Century Canada" - Marilyn Gerriets (Saint Francis Xavier University)