Brian Catlos teaches graduate and undergrad courses in Religious Studies and undergraduate courses in Humanities. At CU Boulder he offers courses on the history of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. His emphasis is on the religious identity, minority-majority relations the social, economic, and institutional history of religious groups in and around the pre-Modern Mediterranean.

In 2009 & 2011 he recieved citations from the Chancellor of the University of California Santa Cruz for undergraduate mentorship. He has been awarded and IMPART (Implementation of Multicultural Perspectives and Approaches in Research and Teaching) Faculty Fellowship for Fall 2014.

Undergraduate and graduate students in Religious Studies, History, Humanities, Jewish Studies, or Spanish and Portuguese who are interested in doing independent projects (RLST4840/6840) should contact him directly.

He welcomes inquiries from potential graduate students seeking to do an MA in Religious Studies or a joint-MA with History on subjects relating to the Pre-Modern Mediterranean, ethnic and religious culture and identity, Crusade and holy war, and the history of Muslim, Christian and Jewish societies in the Middle Ages and Early Modern period. Currently CU Boulder's Religious Studies department does not have a PhD program.

In spring 2019 he will teach HUMN3850/RLST3950: Religion Before Modernity, and ARAB/RLST2320: Early Muslim World. Religion Before Modernity looks at the interplay between religion, politics, culture and economy in the Mediterranean in the age of Crusade and Jihad (eleventh to thirteenth centuries). Early Muslim World surveys the history of Islam and the Muslim world from its origins to about 1200CE. Auditors are welcome.
Next summer he plans on offering the online version of ARAB/RLST2320: Early Muslim World in summer term A, and an online version of RLST 3000, Chrisitan Traditions -- an overview of the evolution of Christianity from its earliest origins to the era of the Reformation -- in summer term B.

Upcoming courses:

Fall 2019
RLST3000: Christian Traditions
Fall 2019
ARAB/RLST2320: Early Muslim World
Summer A 2020
ARAB/RLST2320: Early Muslim World
Summer B 2020
RLST 3000 Christian Traditions

Tu/Thurs 11am-12:15pm
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Tu/Thurs 12:30-1:45pm

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Office Hours: no set office hours in summer; fall hours: Tues 9:30-10:30am & Wed 9-10