New Approaches to the Study of Muslims in the Medieval West
Scripta Mediterranea
19-20 (1998/1999 )
A special edition, co-edited by Brian A. Catlos and Karla Mallette.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
Brian Catlos, Karla Mallette

• Imagining Islam: The Role of Images in Medieval Depictions of Muslims
Suzanne Akbari

• The Idea of Vernacular Culture in the Arabic-and Romance-Speaking World Middle Ages
Karla Mallette

• The Andalusi Kharjas: A Courtly Counterpoint to Popular Tradition?
Otto Zwartjes

• Ten Years After: The Virtues of Exile
Maria Rosa Menocal

• Four Response to Maria Rosa Menocal
Elizabeth Pérez, Cynthia Robinson, Haun Saussy & Karla Mallette

• The Vision of the Muslim in Early Maltese Poetry
Arnold Cassola

• Points of Contact between Italian Romanticism and the Maltese Literature; The Maltese literary background
Oliver Friggieri

• Reflections on the Study of Muslim Sicily: History, Politics, and Nineteenth-Century Sicilian Historiography
Antonio Pellitteri

•  Lauzengier-Wāshī-Index, Gardador-Custo: The "Enemies of Love" in Povençal, Arabo-Andalusian, and Latin Poetry
Patrizia Onesta

•  The Muslim Aljama of Tortosa in the Late Middle Ages: Notes on its Organization
Maria Teresa Ferrer i Mallol

•  Four Kidnappings in Thirteenth-Century Aragon: Christian Children as Victims of Christian-Muslim Domination
Brian Catlos

•  Exclusion or Concealment: Approaches to Traditional Arabic Exegesis in Medieval-Latin Translations of the Qur'ān
Thomas E. Burnan

•  A Seventeenth-Century Hebrew Translation of the Qur'ān
Hava Lazarus-Yafeh

•  The Adoption of Al Farabi's "Mathematical Sciences" in the Medieval West: A Study of Cross-Cultural Borrowing
Michael C. Weber

•  The Sortes regis Amalrici: An Arabic Divinatory Work in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem?
Charles Burnett

•  Biographical Dictionaries and Social History of al-Andalus: Trade and Scholarship Manuela Marín PDF Ibn Sabīl: Crossing Boundaries in the Biography of Asad ibn al-Furāt
William Granara

•  Early Medieval Islamic Folk Epic and Romance among the Muslim Peoples of the Caucasus Regions of Eastern Europe
Harry T. Norris

•  Contributors

•  Full text of issue

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