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Kevin H. Mahan
Associate Professor
Tectonics, structural geology,
metamorphic petrology

Faculty Director
CU Electron microprobe laboratory
Lab Manager and Research
Associate: Julien Allaz

Contact info
Dept. Geological Sciences
Univ. Colorado-Boulder
Campus Box 399
2200 Colorado Ave.
Email: mahank@colorado.edu
phone: 303-492-2755

Some research interests:

  • Lower crustal processes
  • Tectonics of deeply exhumed orogens
  • Crustal seismic anisotropy
  • Monazite petrogenesis

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Some Personal Stuff

Courses I teach:

Structural Geology
Fabric Analysis in the Field
Intro. to Physical Geology
Earth Materials
Tectonics seminar

Current graduate students

Phil Orlandini (PhD)
- Evidence for deep crustal seismic rupture preserved in a granulite-facies intraplate strike-slip shear zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
Undergraduate researchers

Kelly Curtis - Mineralogical investigations into synkinematic metasomatic alteration of granitoid rocks, southwestern Montana"

Recent graduate students

Cailey Condit (PhD May 2017) - Exhumation of lower crust in southwestern Montana

Lesley Butcher (MSc Aug 2013) - Re-thinking the Laramide: Investigating the role of fluids in producing surface uplift using xenolith mineralogy and geochronology

Shannon Leslie (MSc Spr 2012) - Contrasts in sillimanite deformation in felsic tectonites from anhydrous granulite- and hydrous amphibolite-facies shear zones, western Canadian shield

Dustin Ward (MSc Dec 2011) - The relative influence of quartz and mica on crustal seismic anisotropy

Katy Barnhart (MSc Spr 2010) - Deep crustal xenoliths from the Great Falls Tectonic Zone, Montana: Investigating the timing and mechanisms of high-velocity lower crust formation