Principal Investigator

Rong Long
Associate Professor [Google Scholar]
ECME 273, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone:303-492-3295   Email:

PhD, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Cornell University, 2011
BS, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, 2006

Graduate Students

Saleh Alzughaibi
PhD Student, 09/2019- present
Master Student, 09/2017-08/2019

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Qassim University, 2013

Salil Rabade
PhD Student, 01/2019-present

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University, 2016
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, 2013

Xingwei Yang
PhD Student, 08/2019-present

BS, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, 2019.


Postdoctoral Associates:
Qiang Guo, 2019-2021, CU Boulder.
Xiaohao Sun, 2019-2020, CU Boulder.

Graduate Students:
Yinan Lu, PhD 2017-2021, MSc 2015-2017, CU Boulder.
Yuan Qi, PhD 2015-2020, CU Boulder.
Luxia Yu, PhD 2015-2020, CU Boulder.
Cheng Zhang, Visiting PhD student, 2018-2019, CU Boulder.
Shawn Lavoie, PhD (co-supervised with Prof. Tian Tang), 2013-2018, University of Alberta.
Tamran Lengyel, PhD (co-supervised with Prof. Peter Schiavone), 2013-2015, University of Alberta.
Wanru Liu, MSc, 2013-2015, University of Alberta.

Undergraduate Students:
Michely Tenardi, Undergraduate, 05/2018-9/2019.
Peiran Ding, Undergraduate, 07/2019-10/2019.
Mingxuan Li, Undergraduate, 01/2019-12/2019.
Dayu Huang, Undergraduate, 01/2019-09/2019.
Sean Sundberg, Undergraduate, Summer Progam of Undergraduate Research (SPUR)/BSI Scholar, 05/2017-05/2018.
Haozhe Zhang, Summer visiting undergraduate student, 06/2017-09/2017.
Jacob Salter, Undergraduate, 09/2016-05/2017.
Dongyu Wu, Undergraduate, 10/2016-05/2017.
Xinxian Wang, Undergraduate, 10/2015-06/2016.
Chun Yuan, Undergraduate, 10/2015-06/2016.

Group Lunch September 19, 2019

Left to right: Xingwei, Xiaohao, Luxia, Cheng, Yinan, Rong, Yuan, Saleh, Peiran, Qiang.

Group Lunch April 26, 2019

Left to right: Salil, Saleh, Rong, Xiaohao, Cheng, Luxia, Dayu, Qiang, Mingxuan, Yinan, Michely, Yuan.

Snow in Boulder, 2015