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  • 05/2019: SN presented a seminar at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

  • 04/2019: SN is invited to participate in the NSF "Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Institutes for Data-Intensive Research in Science and Engineering - Ideas Labs (I-DIRSE-IL)."

  • 03/2019: SN presented two talks at the APS March Meeting 2019, in Boston, MA, on "Optimization of Electron-Phonon Coupling and Electronic Transport in Semiconductor Superlattices" and on "Machine Learning Electronic Transport Properties of Multilayered Semiconductor Nanostructures",respectively.

  • 01/2019: Our manuscript "Heat and charge transport in bulk semiconductors with interstitial defects" is published in Physical Review B!

  • Spring 2019: Special topic course "Molecular Simulation of Materials", Tue, Thu 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM in Fleming 103.

  • 12/2018: SN receives a Quantum Explorations in Science & Technology (QuEST) grant, supported by CUbit.

  • 12/2018: SN receives an Innovative Inclusion Ideas grant for the "Engineering Voices" concept. Stay tuned!

  • 10/2018: SN was invited to serve as a Panelist at the DOE Office of Science (DOE-SC) workshop for "Basic Research Needs for Microelectronics."

  • 09/2017: Our project "Thermal Interface Modeling to Shape Thermoelectric Performances" (TIMSTEPS) receives a supplement $260,000 award from DARPA!

  • 05/2017: Our review article "Nanophononics: state of the art and perspectives", published in 2016, is placed by Web of Science in the top 1% highly cited paper of the academic field of Physics as of January/February 2017 based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year.

  • 07/2016: SN receives a $700,000 grant from DARPA for the project "Thermal Interface Modeling to Shape Thermoelectric Performances" (TIMSTEPS).

  • 09/2015: Group is formed.

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    Nanophononics: state of the art and perspectives
    Surface matters: Huge reduction of heat conduction observed in flat silicon channels

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