Autonomous Computing Materials:
Materials that Map Dynamical Evolution of Neuronal Activity

Publication(s): Autonomous Computing Materials: PERSPECTIVE

Stability of Qubits in Solid-State Quantum Systems:
Controlling the Quantum States of Atom-Like Defects via Phonon Engineering

Materials with Artificial Intelligence:
Machine Learning Electronic & Thermal Properties of Complex Materials Architectures

Publication(s): First-Principles Prediction of Electronic Transport in Experimental Semiconductor Heterostructures via Physics-Based Machine Learning

Hot-Spot Management in Electronic Devices:
Controlling Local Thermal Properties of Silicon Nanostructures

Publication(s): Anisotropic In-Plane Phonon Transport in Silicon Membranes Guided by Nanoscale Surface Resonators

Native surface oxide turns alloyed silicon membranes into nanophononic metamaterials with ultralow thermal conductivity

Tuning Thermal Transport in Ultrathin Silicon Membranes by Surface Nanoscale Engineering

Thermal transport in free-standing silicon membranes: Influence of dimensional reduction and surface nanostructures

Materials Physics of Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators:
Heat and Charge Conduction in Nanostructured Semiconductors

Publication(s): Role of substrate strain to tune energy bands-Seebeck relationship in semiconductor heterostructures

Optimization of Seebeck coefficients of strain-symmetrized semiconductor heterostructures

Theoretical Prediction of Enhanced Thermopower in n-doped Si/Ge Superlattices using Effective Mass Approximation

Optimal thickness of silicon membranes to achieve maximum thermoelectric efficiency: a first principles study

Radiation Effects in Microelectronics:
Impact of Point Defects on Thermal and Electronic Properties of Semiconductors

Publication: Heat and charge transport in bulk semiconductors with interstitial defects

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