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  • 02/2021: Our perspective on "Autonomous Computing Materials" is published in ACS Nano!

  • 02/2021: SN is invited to speak at the workshop on Thermal Transport, Materials Informatics and Quantum Computing jointly organized by US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

  • 01/2021: Our manuscript is in the front page of Journal of Applied Physics!

  • 01/2021: Our manuscript "Role of substrate strain to tune energy bands–Seebeck relationship in semiconductor heterostructures" is featured as Editor's pick in Journal of Applied Physics!

  • 01/2021: New Year, New Story! "Nanostructure research reveals new ways to direct heat flow in tech devices!"

  • 08/2020: Ankrit Uprety joins our group. Welcome, Ankrit!

  • 08/2020: Quentin Moore joins Odyssey Space Research LLC, Houston, TX. Congratulations, Quentin!

  • 08/2020: Our manuscript "Anisotropic In-Plane Phonon Transport in Silicon Membranes Guided by Nanoscale Surface Resonators" is published in Physical Review Applied!

  • 05/2020: Our manuscript "Theoretical Prediction of Enhanced Thermopower in n-Doped Si/Ge Superlattices Using Effective Mass Approximation" is published in Journal of Electronic Materials!

  • 03/2020: Cuantam group presented virtually during the APS March Meeting 2020! Watch Manoj's presentation here!

  • 11/2019: Our manuscript "Optimization of Seebeck coefficients of strain-symmetrized semiconductor heterostructures" is published in Applied Physics Letters!

  • 10/2019: SN was invited to participate in the "Microelectronics Workshop", held at the Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, October 15-16, 2019.

  • 10/2019: SN participated in the "Regional Academic Collaboration (ReACt) Computational Mechanics & Sciences Workshop", held at the University of Utah, October 10-11, 2019.

  • 09/2019: SN receives an NSF-HDR-Ideas Lab grant for project "Autonomous Computing Materials" in collaboration with MIT, UCSD, OSU and JHU. Read further!

  • 04/2019: SN is invited to participate in the NSF "Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Institutes for Data-Intensive Research in Science and Engineering - Ideas Labs (I-DIRSE-IL)."

  • 03/2019: SN presented two talks at the APS March Meeting 2019, in Boston, MA, on "Optimization of Electron-Phonon Coupling and Electronic Transport in Semiconductor Superlattices" and on "Machine Learning Electronic Transport Properties of Multilayered Semiconductor Nanostructures",respectively.

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