Dr. Ronggui Yang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow

University of Colorado at Boulder 


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Dr. Ronggui Yang is the S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering directing the Nano-enabled Energy Conversion, Storage, and Thermal Management Systems group (NEXT) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. Yang is also a Faculty Fellow for the Materials Science and Engineering Program and a Faculty Affiliate for the CU/NREL Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute at CU-Boulder. Dr. Yang received his Ph.D degree focusing on Nanoscale Heat Transfer with Prof. Gang Chen in Mechanical Engineering and Professor Mildred S. Dresselhaus from MIT in February 2006. Since January 2006, he started his faculty career as an assistant professor at CU-Boulder and has been promoted to associate professor with early tenure in summer 2011 (two-year ahead of the normal clock at CU-Boulder) and to Full Professor in summer 2016. Prior to MIT, he had a masterís degree in MEMS from UCLA in 2001, a masterís degree in Engineering Thermophysics from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1999, and a Bachelorís degree in Thermal Engineering from Xiían Jiaotong University in 1996. His research interests are on the fundamentals of nanoscale transport phenomena (thermal, electrical, thermoelectric, phase-change) and the applications of micro/nanotechnologies for energy conversion, storage and thermal management. His notable contributions include laying out the theoretical foundations for proposing nanocomposites as high efficiency thermoelectric materials, developing multiscale simulation framework for phonon transport in nanostructured materials, the first experimental demonstration of quasi-ballistic phonon transport using ultrafast pump-and-probe method with short wavelength soft X-ray, and most recently a strong push on the development of hybrid micro/nano-structured surfaces for phase-change heat transfer enhancement. Dr. Ronggui Yang has published more than 100 journal papers, delivered ~60 invited seminars and is associated with >130 invited and contributed conference talks and posters that garnered numerous best paper/presentation/poster awards. His journal papers are highly cited with an annual citation of > 800 times since 2015 according to ISI Web of Science (~1200 times of annual citation since 2015 according to Google Scholar). His innovative research has won him numerous awards including the 2014 ITS Young Investigator in Thermoelectrics from International Thermoelectric Society (ITS), the 2010 ASME Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer, an NSF CAREER Award in 2009, the MIT Technology Reviewís TR35 Award (the 35 young scientists and technologists under the age of 35 whose work--spanning medicine, computing, communications, electronics, nanotechnology, and more--is changing our world) and the DARPA Young Faculty Award (39 rising stars in university microsystems research) in 2008, the 2005 Goldsmid Award for Research Excellence in Thermoelectrics, and a NASA Tech Brief Award for a Technical Innovation in 2004. He has also won the Provostís Achievement Award (2012), the Deanís Performance Award (2010), the Woodward Outstanding Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2011) and the Outstanding Research Award in Mechanical Engineering (2008) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was endowed with the S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow for 2013-2017 and the Sanders Faculty Fellow for 2008-2012. His research work and accomplishments have been reported and highlighted by various media channels. Dr. Yang regularly serves as a referee or a panelist for about 50 prestigious academic journals including Science, Nature, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Physical Review B, ASME transactions and IEEE Transactions, US federal funding agencies including Department of Energy (DOE), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Army Research Office (ARO), and National Science Foundation (NSF), and non-profit organizations worldwide including European Research Council. Dr. Yang is an active member of ASME and has distinguishable services to ASME being a topic/symposium organizer or a session chair for hundreds of technical sessions for ASME conferences. Dr. Yang is currently the Chair (2014-2016) of the Nanoengineering for Energy and Sustainability (NEES) Steering Committee of ASME Nanoengneering Council and the Chair (2015-2017) of the K-9 Technical Committee on Nanoscale Thermal Transport of ASME Heat Transfer Division.††





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