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About the Author

Jim Downton

Jim is a teacher, author, and artist. Before retiring from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2004, he had taught at the college level for thirty-nine years. At CU, he taught courses in sociology, personal development, and creativity. He also presented workshops for faculty and graduate students on creative teaching. His creative approach to teaching earned him the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, the Student/Alumni Teaching Excellence Award, and the Graduate Teacher Program's "The Best Should Teach Award."

His teaching is in harmony with his four life purposes: To help people increase their happiness, creativity, and wisdom, and to do all those things for himself.

Jim lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife. They've been happily married for fifty-four years and have two daughters, and a granddaughter. "Being a husband has taught me about real friendship and has given me the capacity to deeply love and be loved. Being a father has been one of my greatest pleasures, playing with my daughters when they were young and enjoying and being proud of them as adults. Now, I get to play with my granddaughter."

Besides teaching, Jim is an avid squash and tennis player. He also enjoys painting and sculpting in his art studio. His life revolves around the issues of wholeness and creativity, which are ways of cultivating wisdom, inner peace, happiness, and an easier way to live.

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