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Why am I so DAMN Unhappy? is written by a fictional character named "Dr. Bob." He's a former stand-up comedian who became a happiness coach. Using humor and honesty, Bob wakes people up to what's making them unhappy and shows them what to do about it. For example, he helps them understand how to counterattack when the "punies" have them on the run, how to quit taking guilt trips, and how to untie the knots of fear in their minds.

This book is set off from other self-help books about happiness by the nature of the issues it covers, its story approach, dialogue format, and humor. It also has a lively sense of imagination as famous people show up to teach. These guest coaches add an element of surprise to keep the book interesting. Creative Sidetracks in the book give readers helpful insights to increase their happiness. Coaching tips appear at the end of each chapter to reinforce the key teachings.

To learn more the book, go to Chapter titles, read Dr Bob's Introduction, and check out Reviews.


Click here to buy the book at Under books, search for title: Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?

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