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Movies of the Mind

The brain is like a movie projector. The mind is the movie. Fortunately, the brain can watch itself think and, through that awareness, alter its thinking.

Remember the last time you went to a movie and became so completely absorbed in it that you accepted it as reality? Maybe you cried, felt happy, experienced envy, or became angry. Then in a moment of awakening, you realized that you were sitting in a theater and the movie was merely fiction. Suddenly, you were in your seat again observing the movie with detachment.

Much like movies we watch in our favorite theaters, we also become absorbed in the movies of our mind, getting so wrapped up in them emotionally that we forget that they are just thoughts and images being played in our minds. When our movies are negative, we suffer needlessly from our own mental inventions. Anytime we fall into a debilitating movie, we must see something and learn something in order to shift to new thoughts that will serve us better.

When we look closely at our thinking, we discover our dual nature. We are of two minds about most everything because our language and thinking are made up of opposing tendencies, such as happy and sad, caring and callous, interesting and uninteresting, engaged and lazy, tolerant and intolerant, good and bad, calm and angry, generous and stingy, thankful and unthankful.

Since we are of two minds due to our dualistic nature, our movies can be changed by realizing that we have the capacity to make a shift to a positive thought anytime we catch ourselves in the grip of a negative one. A person experiencing self-pity might say: "Oh, there I go again, feeling sorry for myself. Now, what am I thankful for in my life and how can I change how I'm thinking and feeling with thankfulness in mind?"

When we get trapped in negative inner movies, we undermine our happiness, creativity, and effectiveness. By stopping those dramas, we choose to live in a better way.

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