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Welcome to
Movies of the Mind!

Each movie you visit will include questions to explore in writing. The same pattern of questions occurs in each movie, because they emphasize the underlying issues that help to create change. While answering, deepen your awareness, make new choices, start new thinking or life practices, and patiently move into change. No change comes without serious effort.

What you write cannot be read by me or anyone on the web, so feel secure while writing honestly about the issues you explore. If you want more writing space and the ability to save and print the full text of your work, open up your word processor in another window and enter your responses to the questions there.

Now Showing
Now Showing

"Measuring Up "
Comparison Drama

"Blemished Fruit"
Inferiority Drama

Vulnerability Drama

Aimlessness Drama

Judgment Drama

"Cruel Shame"

Guilt Drama

"Without Courage"
Cowardice Drama

"Don't Count on Me"
Irresponsibility Drama

"Honor Me"
Respect Drama

"Little Voice"
Shyness Drama

Alienation Drama

Defiance Drama

"Deep Suspicion"
Mistrust Drama

"The Boss"

Domination Drama

Independence Drama

"Blindly Driven"
Obsession Drama

"Bleak Future"
Pessimism Drama

"Deadly Delay"
Procrastination Drama

"I'm the Champ"
Winning Drama

"Given Up"
Resignation Drama

"Lazy as Dust"
Lethary Drama

"No Interest"
Boredom Drama

"Put Down"
Depreciation Drama

"The Skeptic"
Cynicism Drama

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