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Review of Gina Holland for RebeccaReads

You go to the store, and you pick up this self-help book. What will this one do for me you ask yourself? Self-help books usually give us advice; they make us feel a little better every time we read something that applies to us. “Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?” is one of those books. Dr. Bob’s book of self-help keeps you reading to find out if there are more answers for you and more ways to help yourself.

The author of this book shows the humorous and honest side of therapy sessions along with great ideas to help you get through trying times. Telling the story as Dr. Bob, The Happiness Coach, was an added plus. Also, the way that the story is formatted makes it all very interesting as well. It is written more like a play would be written, letting us know who is saying what and why. In my opinion, this book will be helpful to teenagers and adults.

Upon reading this book, I found some unique and exciting ways to deal with my personal issues as well. I could relate to a lot of things in “Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?” I have often had problems with feeling like I am on guilt trips and with emotional fears. The book showed me ways in which to be able to understand how to use certain techniques to help myself. There were some very good ideas in which I was able to practice, and they worked!

The ideas and imaginations, of certain famous movie stars coming to life to talk to the patients, were excellent! It surely motivated the patients to strive harder to fix their problems. Dr. Bob also focused on helping people to learn not to look at everything in a negative light, and to put their thoughts more into positive light, so that life can bring more positive things and not so much negative.

I implore you to find this book, “Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?” and to read it all the way through, and to see how satisfying and completely helpful it can be. It’s not often an author puts humor into self-help books, and in this case, it worked out very well. Dr. Bob teaches you confidence, different ways of bringing more positive into your life, and he brings back the joy into reading as well.

Review by Richard R. Blake

James Downton, a.k.a. Dr. Bob the Happiness Coach provides entertaining and humorous stories in dialog form in his new book "Why Am I So Damn Unhappy?" He uses imaginary characters to tell about people he has coached, people he has helped increase their happiness, creativity, and the wisdom to apply the principles talked about in the book. These principles deal with developing wholeness and creativity, cultivating wisdom, inner peace, and happiness.

Each chapter consists of a story, dialog and valuable coaching tips. The chapters show the reader how to discover their own inner critic, how to practice self acceptance, and the power of creating new choices. Downton put emphasis on the importance of developing the gift of inventing positive stories and creating positive thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Dr. Bob offers ideas on learning to laugh at yourself, on evaluating fear, reducing guilt, ways to elevate happiness, and to change your thinking patterns from "poor me" to "lucky me." He shows the reader how to handle anger and lying, creating balance, developing a life purpose, learning how to handle resistance to what we cannot change. I was personally challenged by the results revealed about myself when I took the "Vampire Test." Downton's analogy of the four chambers of a generous heart became especially meaningful to me.

I also enjoyed the feature "Creative Side Tracts." These summary statements offered help in shaping thoughts, enabling the reader the benefit of creating hope, adapting pointers on living with the romance of unhealthy foods. Downton provided a consumer truth test, which helps the readers learn to like themselves, and how to appreciate being alive.

Jim Downton instills inspiration, encourages imagination, and spontaneity in his new book "Why Am I So Damn Unhappy?" This is life coaching at a new level and will help the reader increase their awareness while unlocking a bold and free spirit within. James inspires creativity and transforms attitudes. His writing is humorous, entertaining, and life changing.

Endorsement by Malcolm Kushner, author of Don't Worry, Be Funny and The Light Touch, creator of "The Cost of Laughing Index", and curator of the Museum of

"In a post 9-11 era of increased anxiety, disillusion and distress, Jim Downton offers practical advice for using humor and other techniques to cut through negativity and find personal happiness. You need to read this book. And that's no joke."

To learn more, read Dr. Bob's Introduction and review the Chapter titles.

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The retail price of the book is $11.95.  You can order it at your favorite bookstore or click here to buy it at Under "books", search for the title "Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?"

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